Success Lesson: 85 – 212 The Extra Degree

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One extra degree makes all the difference.
You are responsible for your results.



How can you turn up the heat in your business?

What is something extra that you have never done before to achieve success in your business?

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    One extra degree makes all the differenceAnd, the one extra degree of effort in business and in life…separates the good from the great!

    In my life I am responsible for my results. It’s time for me to turn up the heat.

    To get what I have never had I must do what I have never done

    The only thing that stands in the way of me and what I want in life is the will to try it and faith to believe that it is possible. 


    Never thought about the one extra degree. 211 degrees is hot, but 212 degrees is boiling which makes steam. Which steam can run a train.
    It is time to turn up the heat.
    I need to work on my mindset, and believe in myself.
    Something extra I could do to turn up the heat is to do a live on Facebook or somewhere.


    I love this video lesson.
    I never knew about the 211/212 degree but it hits me hard to know that there is only 1 degree between being hot and boiling! Wow!
    So, as I think about what I did to make sales in my business ( I think I made a video presentation of slides provided by the parent company. I put the different slides together to make a presentation. My face nor my voice was in the presentation. But I’m told that people want to see ME. I have avoided or shied away from being on camera doing a LIVE on Facebook. I am just NOT comfortable with it. I think it was because I didn’t think I knew what to say. But now I am thinking that I don’t have to “come up with” what to say if/when I do a LIVE to present the product. I could say with my voice exactly what the provided slides say. DUH!! I cannot believe I never thought of that.
    Well, I never claimed to not be slow sometimes. ?

    1. 27 Percenter Coach

      Thank you for your honesty Dierdre.I’m so glad to hear you are developing some great skill sets.The lessons are there for you to go back and do again so you can continue to take action. Aim High!


    212 degree video had so much wisdom. Not just for business but for life in general. Doing 1 more degree of change is the pivatol point.

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