Success Lesson: 86 – 212 Leadership

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The difference between water almost boiling and boiling water is 1 degree.

Companies don’t succeed People do!



Can you give an example in your business, between an effective leader and an extraordinary one?

What is your experience being involved on a team pulling together?

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    There is a woman in our business who hit $40k for the month of August 2020.
    She is the team leader. She encourages all to do (follow the leader). However,
    some of us struggle with many issues and for each individuals’ reasons, reaching that goal of building a large team who contribute to the wealth of the team leader.
    While the team leader is great and has earned her title by way of sales and recruiting, there is another woman that is prized and loved for her generosity of sharing so very much. She helps and helps, gives and gives. She is not considered with the same respect as the team leader, although, in my opinion, she deserves MORE esteem for her heart, the way she cares about people. She doesn’t fit in the category of great leaders, but I certainly think she SHOULD.

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