Success Lesson: 88 – Hope is the Power – Zig Ziglar

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In this inspiring clip Zig Ziglar will help you gain hope in the future.

We all have choices and we can instantly make our life better by making better decision starting right now.



How can you plan, prepare and expect to win?

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    Every choice has an end result. I can make my future better or worse and the choice is mine.

    You have a choice of what you want to feed into your mind. You are what you are and where you are because of what goes into your mind.

    You can change where you are by changing what goes into your mind. Today’s session was about hope. Hope is the foundational quality for all change.

    So no hope means no change. If there is hope in the future there is power in the present.

    With hope action will take place. Your past is important because it brought you where you are.

    But the way you see your future is more important than your past.

    The way I see my future determines my thinking today.

    My performance today will have a strong bearing on what my future is going to be.

    Winning is not an accident is the result of a deliberate plan. 


    So… I’m in training to succeed in LIFE and not just business. However, what I learn can be applied to every area of my life. How I am to plan is by having a fleshed out, ideal image in mind of just what I want to be. I am to think, speak and act in that ideal. Understanding that there are laws of nature, I expect to win according to law. This answer seems out of left field, but so what. I understand it. It’s not important that anyone else does. I will get what I expect if I follow the particular laws of being.

    1. 27 Percenter Coach

      Thanks for sharing Diedra! The 27%er Success Training is all about being a better version of yourself.

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