Success Lesson: 89 – Kristen Schell From New to 2nd Year 5 Figure Earner Part Time

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In just 2 two years of being introduced to network marketing, Kristen accomplished a top-level making over 10,000 a month.

She shares her tips and strategies on social media marketing.



What tips will you use in your business?

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    Today’s lesson was on marketing your business on Social Media. One of the most important things is consistency. 

    This means showing up everyday making your daily post and following up with your customers responding to comments or questions this is all a part of staying consistent.

    Next when someone responds to your post be sure to comment, don’t just like or love actually make a comment back.

    It is OK to get personal sometimes when you just post about your business this can get old.

    Post things like family pictures or vacations or something personal.this will help your customers have a more personal connection to you.

    Make your business page easy to navigate. You want your customers to easily find if you have something that might interest them.

    So right up front give a short description of what your product or service is all about.put this in the description part of your page.

    When you add people to your business or group be sure to reach out to them by text or phone to try to make a personal connection with them and let them know what you invited them too.

    You want people to feel special, not just a part of a massive ad campaign.

    When they do join your page make sure to shout them out with a welcome comment.let them know you are there for them if they need you.

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