Success Lesson: 9 – The Most Important Video in the 27%’er Success System

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This video will teach you how to separate yourself from the 70%. Watch this video to deeply understand how the “WHY” is so important.


***Editor’s Note: Many of Dale Calvert’s great videos contain a reference to a date or the number of the lesson. If it does not coincide exactly with the date or number of the lesson that you are on, it is all right. We are always adding content that will affect the numbering.


What can you do to separate yourself from the 70%?

Use the comment area below to share your response…

In your Notebook or Journal, write down your Top 20 & your top 3. Also, your thoughts, answer the questions and practice what you are learning.

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  1. Kevin.Owens

    To separate yourself from the 70% you have to write down your Why. 20 reasons why you are doing this business with a start by your top 3. Post your top 3 on your bathroom mirror, in your wallet and in your car where it’s visible everyday.

  2. Kevin.Owens

    Not only did I write my 20 reasons and top 3 but people in my organization is duplicating it!!

  3. Kevin.Owens

    My apologies for the bad grammar lol! People in my organization are duplicating it!!!


    Follow the wisdom of the ages and write down my goals and meditate on them daily.

    Napoleon Hill shocked the entire industry by giving true wisdom, think and grow rich.

    I am convinced I am a 27%er and I will stay the course until all my goals are reached.


    It how is not important until you know your why. Writing down 20 top reasons you WHY you are doing your business. The top 3 I am going to put on my bathroom mirror, shelf beside my bed and in my purse. This is how I am going to be a 27%er. instead of a 3%er.


    I have written down my 20 reasons. I know my top 3 reasons. I am also teaching my group to do the same thing. Thank you Dale.


    Did my top 20 and top 3. This exercise will catapult everyone who does it.
    Internalize them!


    Writing your why is imperative to figuring out how. I will put my top 3 on my bathroom mirror!


    Okay… just did the top 22. (a couple of bonus ones). Top five picked out. Some are easier, others are end-game stuff. I always teach this stuff, but always tend to not get around to it for myself. Done. 🙂


    How I keep myself from the other 70% is not giving up and be open to learning, doing, sharing and creating.


    Getting deeper into the meaning of why you have the insight and specific vision will empower and create the pathway for success and in doing so raise the awareness of the understanding. This is the ultimate goal setting and it combines the wisdom of the ages.

    1. The time is now. I AM ready.
    2. This is my life’s purpose. I AM that I AM.
    3. The more I share the more success and happiness comes and it grows everyday in everyway, it gets better and better. I AM success.


    1) I must make $15,000/mo to afford to stay in my house alone and afford every expense independently
    2) To afford the best healthcare
    3) To afford any and all business training wherever in the country it may be


    My top 3 are 25k my first 12 months, 50k next year and 100k for the third. It will allow me first class trip to Dubai for reward vacation


    My top 3 goals are 25k my first 12 months, 50k next year and 100k for the third. It will allow me first class trip to Dubai for reward vacation


    100% the only barrier to your success exists between your ears!

    My top 3:

    $100K per month
    Being able to care for my elderly mother
    Renovate my home and keep investing


    I have taken action….wrote down my top 20 and top 3….

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