Success Lesson: 91 – People Skills – A True Love Story – Zig Ziglar

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Zig Ziglar tells a true story about him and his son Tom Ziglar playing a game of golf.

However, this story is about much more than the game of golf. It’s a love story about Business and Life!



How can you pull for the people you work with?

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    The story Zig Zigler told today was about his love for golf. Zig loved playing golf but as busy as he was when he got home he wanted to spend time with his family too. 

    So he bought his wife and his son a set of golf clubs. After a few outings his wife said he did not want to play anymore so she quit. 

    After a few more games his son quit too. Sometime later Zig and his son passed a driving range. So they stopped to hit a few balls at his son’s request. 

    His son hit the best shot he had ever had and turned to look at his dad and the smile on his face let Zig know his son was now a fan of golf too. 

    As time went on the son got better and one game he was one stroke away from beating his dad he was 11 years old.. Zig knew that if he missed this punt he would lose but he did not want his son to think he missed on purpose so he tried his best and made it. 

    When asking this son if he was pulling for him to miss the son said no dad I am always pulling for you to win.

    That is how you must be in business or any other thing in life, always pull for others to win that is pure love.

    People don’t really care about how much you know until they know how much you care about them

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