Success is Matching the Right Goal to Your Needs by Terri Levine

Terri LevineHow much easier it becomes to set goals to achieve specific things that matter to you! Picture this: You are looking at yourself ten year’s from now. What do you see? How is your life? Where are you living? What are you doing? You don’t know? That’s too far away? Why do I want to know? I don’t want to know, but I’ll let you in on a little secret… it doesn’t matter what business you are in, whether you are a large corporate CEO or a self-employed network marketer, if you don’t know where you want to be in the future, if you have no “destination” or plan in mind, you’ll be like a shipwrecked sailor adrift at sea, not going anywhere special and not even sure you’ll survive. Sound harsh? Sorry, but it’s true. Every destination is reached by specific routes and methods of transport. NULL

There is no golden rule as to which route must be taken, but you must have a mud map of sorts in order to reach that destination, otherwise you will get lost. Where you want to be in ten years time represents your destination… or part of it. Think of it as a ten year goal destination. To help you succeed you need to set goals, something specific to aim for, especially when planning for business success. Some people are afraid of goal setting because they mistakenly believe it will set rigid boundaries on how they live their life, that it will restrict their choices and self expression. Goals are not like that.

Goals can and should be flexible. They have to be.

For example, you may be single right now and your goals may be those of a single person living a single life. Perhaps you see yourself in five years time living in a swank city penthouse, a wealthy and independent entrepreneur, enjoying the high life – a carefree bachelor existence. You may even see yourself living this lifestyle indefinitely into the future, with no plans to “settle down”. Then, in two years time you may meet somebody special and a year later you’re married. Soon you start a family.

Now your values in life have changed and thus your needs, which means your vision of the future will change and so will your goals and your route for reaching them.

Now, in ten years time you may see yourself living in a large house in the country, with a family and a big hairy dog named Charles, and sending your children to a private school, and paying for expensive orthodontists. Okay, we are getting ahead of ourselves, but that is what goal setting is all about. You have to start somewhere and you must have some idea of the results you want to achieve from your business, which all depends on what is important to you, your values. Simply saying you want to be earning “lots of money” from your network marketing business is not adequate. What are your needs? What are your dreams? What are your values? These are the things that determine your goals and the manner in which you will set forth to achieve them and the amount of effort and work you will devote to their accomplishment. Do you value financial freedom? Do you want it to be your main source of income or just pocket money while you work in a different career? Don’t just determine your needs in terms of dollars – be specific: own your own home, a sports car, private education for children, annual overseas holidays, etc. How much easier it becomes to set goals to achieve specific things that matter to you!

Knowing what you really want, what is important to you, means you will know exactly what goals to set to accomplish it and you can enjoy a hugely successful network marketing business on a grand scale, or on a smaller, part time scale if that is your aim.



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