Surrender To The System by Leslie Zann

Leslie ZannWhen the system is the focus, everyone starts on the same even playing field and everyone performs the same successful activities. One of the great things about your direct selling business is that there is a proven system of activities provided by your company that anyone can master. When the system is the focus, everyone starts on the same even playing field and everyone performs the same successful activities.

You want your personal business to be dependent on that system and to be what I call ‘system’ dependent… meaning, dependent on a system of activities.

When your business stays system dependent, it won’t matter if you live in a big city or a small town; or whether you have sales experience or have never sold a thing in your life; if you have high self-esteem or are full of doubt and fear; or whether you have a strong sponsor or one that’s missing in action. NULL

When your business stays system dependent… your business stays simple. Don’t waste time trying to reinvent the wheel, as this will only slow you down. It’s been proven that when you follow the system …you go fast. But when you follow your ego and reinvent the wheel… you go slow. Be a student of the system, and teach your team to do the same. And transferring your company’s system of activities to the Consultants that you sponsor… will be the key to your success.

We call this duplication. I define duplication as the amazing results that can be achieved when groups of people are all performing the same success-oriented activities.

It’s through the power of duplicating a system that you can quickly build large organizations that provide long-term residual income. And this is one of the unique rewards that your direct selling business can provide. Duplicating a system is what allows you to successfully expand your business across the street, across the city, across the state, and across the country. And, if your company is international… around the world. But take note… duplication is a double-edged sword and your team will duplicate your behavior – both good or bad, slow or fast, on system or off system. People are watching everything you do as you build your business, and they are wondering if they can do it too. That’s why it’s so important to keep things simple by following the proven system. Remember, you make a concerted effort to find new business partners. The example you set for your team is the most powerful statement you can make… so follow the system and set the bar high! I also recommend that you embrace the leadership philosophy that reminds us that… the speed of the leader is the speed of the team. I call this pace.

Everything you do while building your business will duplicate, including your pace.

Pace can be created in so many different ways… through the words you say as well as the actions you take. Pace affects everything you do including how often you sponsor, how full your calendar is with parties or launch events, how often you attend and bring guests to your business presentations and how you plug into team trainings and conference calls. Everything you do through your activities creates a culture and sets an example for those on your team. And knowing that not everyone is going to run with you… just commit to running at your pace. And, as you continue to run, those Consultants on your team with their hands held high, those whose timing is right, those who want to achieve greatness… are the Consultants who will run along with you. Do not slow yourself down to match the slower pace of those with a different vision. You want to rise to your highest level, to run at YOUR pace, to achieve YOUR goals and live YOUR dreams. And, as you stay true to your vision… the right people will successfully follow your lead. As you surrender to the system… you set the foundation for creating unlimited achievement on your terms.


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