Systems and You by RS Mallory

Author_28387RSMalloryIf you are new to direct sales and network marketing and have never before had or been in a home based business of any kind, you might be daunted by the idea of coming up with “a system” for your new networking business. Fear not!

A system is a way to organize yourself (and your expanding team) and it will allow you to do (and teach) the things you need to accomplish in a simple way that will allow you to save time, share with others and spread success.


In addition, if you think about it, ALL brick and mortar business have “a system” in place for their employees…. And the REASON is that it breeds the success that we are aiming for. Think GE (General Electric), Dell Computers, AT & T, Bloomingdale’s, Whole Foods, etc. If these companies did NOT have systems in place, they would not be able to function.

Unlike these types of companies, we do not need complicated systems to help us succeed. Since our business is people based, we need a system that will allow us to

~ Engage a Potential Business Partner or Customer

~ Find out if they are a Good Prospect for our Business

~ Find out What Talents & Skills THEY bring to the endeavor with them

~ Teach new people how to ASK for the sale

~ Teach how to USE the “system”

I prefer non-tech tools to build my business and so I developed a system that allows me to keep track of a new potential business partner each time I contact them. There ARE electronic contact managers; MY Preference is to open a folder for each person and TAKE GOOD NOTES each time I speak with them. I have developed Simple Scripts for initial and follow up conversations and use the appropriate FOLLOW UP materials (email, videos, websites) that everyone can follow.

I believe The MOST IMPORTANT part of building ANY business, brick and mortar OR a direct sales networking business is establishing and building a little rapport… “know, like and trust” with the potential customer/business partner and making sure that THEY know that you are interested in THEIR success as well as their contributions.


In order to do that, Systems that enable you to Give a Personal Touch and accomplish that are the Most Effective!

My “system” is convertible. I use paper and folders. Some of my team members use over-sized postcards to take notes; others use electronic contact managers.

My “system” is generic. I want my team member to PERSONALIZE the way they use it so that THEY are comfortable using it. The Framework (scripts, videos, websites) ALWAYS stay the same…. the way, for instance they DELIVER or SPEAK with the potential business partner will reflect THEIR personality and as long as they follow the Framework, success follows.

Successful people in network marketing understand that when they can deliver a pathway to success for others, they attain their success. A System is then, simply a pathway to success. A System should be simple, easy to use, easy to teach and be able to work even as it becomes “personalized” by the new user.

These days there seems to be myriad Electronic and ONLINE programs to use/follow to generate leads, gather customers, train teams, etc. Those that help YOU to become and stay organized are a benefit to you. Join me in reading some of the other articles in this month’s issue to learn more about them, and remember, whatever systems you choose to employ to HELP you build and grow your business,

the MOST IMPORTANT factor in your success will be YOU and PERSONAL CONTACT. When you make someone FEEL special, you will motivate him or her to BE special!

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