Systems In 2020, Leave Your Reports, I’ll Have Actions Please by Ben Dixon

Systems In 2020, Leave Your Reports, I’ll Have Actions Please

Change is in the air, can you smell it?

You already see it, competition for a ‘business opportunity’ is fiercer than ever and the competition is for your members focus and time.

Never before have there been so many distractions to your independent army of volunteer salespeople. Social media and video streaming services all physiologically rewarding their brains every instant with dopamine in every spare moment of their day.

What does this mean for network marketing company’s in the space?

Your member’s attention spans are shorter today then they have ever been. If you want to inspire your field reps to take ACTION daily to build their business, you have to UPGRADE your contribution to the systems so that LESS is expected of them.

Let me give you an example.

Since the dawn of online back-office software, we’ve expected reps to pull up their downline trees and if they see stuff like ‘No personal volume’ next to a customer or reps name, then they’re supposed to pick up the phone, call the rep and say ‘It’s time for you to order!’

This used to happen. Reports used to be EVERYTHING. We’d train for hours and hours on Super Saturdays and Monday night trainings, pouring over reports and showing reps HOW to KNOW what ACTIONS they should take.

Well today, as you can tell, this expectation is too much.

Uber’s interface simply tells drivers whom to pick up and where to go. Your business needs to be SIMPLE to the member, which means more work for you.

Thus the dawn of Predictive Action engines! Yes, layers of business logic on top of your platform that algorithmically give your members their top actions with prospects and top actions with personally sponsored members at any time. No more digging through a CRM or commissions report to know whom to call and what to say, the action engine will prompt you top 3 opportunities in each category and even give you suggested text to share.

This is where corporate comes in. It now becomes your responsibility to be continually providing content for the members to share.

The magic is that when your business is built this way, you ‘kill two birds with one stone’.

What do we mean?

First, you create a simple experience that real people in the marketplace today can follow and win in as members.

Second, because your members use your platform, you now have the REAL DATA as a corporate team of ‘what’ actions are actually creating new sales and new members at the company.

This is the future for all, that can be your reality now. I’ve had the pleasure of walking clients through this methodology all throughout 2019 and believe that if you begin to strategize and execute this way, you will be the leaders of the future.

Create your future now…

About The Author: Ben Dixon is the CEO of a premier direct sales and MLM software provider in the space. Where many direct selling companies have separate vendors for commission tracking software, marketing tools, CRM, and mobile applications, Naxum is unique is that their large multi-national team supplies all three of these core needs in their UNIFY platform. Ben started as a field rep in our industry for 4 years and after that success chose to serve the industry as a whole. 

Ben Dixon
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