Take Action… Step by Step by Debbie Madiou

Debbie MadiouThese 4 steps are the building blocks to take daily action in your business. It is likely when we join a network marketing company that we go to training. In that training we hear, “in order to be successful we need to take action!”.

It makes sense; one must take certain action steps in order to get any business off the ground.

I believe there are action steps we cannot leave out. They aren’t necessarily just making lists and 3 way phone calls, but mental actions steps that build the building blocks of success. 1. Develop the right mindset: Get right with yourself This subject cannot be dealt with in a shallow and brief way. Having the right mindset really is about knowing yourself, what you want for yourself and what you want out of your business. Take time to develop your why and write a detailed page in your journal about what you would like your life to look like. This action step will begin to develop your belief system. NULL

This may take some time but is well worth it. When you have this action step down the rest will be easier. 2. Develop the right attitude: Develop an attitude of determination and consistency. Nobody does the work for you. Wake up in the morning and feel blessed you were given the day to make a difference not only in your life, but the lives of the people you know. Go the extra mile for your family. If you start the day with a great attitude the rest of the day will be a breeze! 3. Develop your beliefs: If you believe from the start what you can achieve, as time goes on your beliefs will be based on solid experience.

People cannot squash your beliefs when they are based on your experience, not someone else’s.

Your beliefs will come not only in your ability to sponsor, but with your products and your company. 4. Set Targets: Notice I did not say goals. I believe many people get this backwards. This is what I mean by that statement.

You do not have any control over reaching goals. You do have control when you set targets. Targets are the daily tasks that you must do to meet your goals.

You can do all the daily tasks you think you must do to meet your goals and it still might not happen, BUT look how close you are to getting there. If you just set the goal and don’t set daily, weekly, monthly targets you never know where you are. Targets are your scoreboard. These steps are the building blocks to take daily action in your business. Your daily tasks will be set, your day will start right, your head will be clear to overcome any obstacles, and you will be on your way to an awesome adventure!


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