Take a Risk by Steve Dailey

Steve_DaileyNo day is better than this one to grow When you think about it, every single time in your life that you accomplished something that you were proud of, it was a moment of growth. And what preceded that growth was a moment that you decided to step off into… the unknown.

Stepping off into an unknown arena is otherwise known as risk.

When you straddled a bicycle for the first time, the first time you put your hands on the steering wheel of a car that was moving, the day you stepped onto your high school campus… all new experiences, all involving the risk of the unknown and all eventually resulting, I’m sure, in a sense of accomplishment and growth. So where are you going to grow today? What risk can you take that will result in a new horizon or a new skill? How about new relationships, networks, or contacts? Got a project that represents a bucketful of unknowns? NULL

Great! How about the telephone call to a prospect that you’ve been putting off? Go for it! Don’t delay any longer on the business you’ve been researching.

Today is the day to make that apology that you’ve been dreading. Right now is the time to reconcile the disagreement that was left open-ended.

THIS day is the day to step up, launch out, reach and take the risk. No day is better than this one to grow.

You’ll feel great about it. Coach Steve Dailey www.betterhalfliving.com © 2011, Steve Dailey


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