Take Control by Owning Your Own Business (a must in today’s world) by Kevin Abdulrahman

Kevin AbdulrahmanRemember that nobody will care for you as you would yourself.  I’m a big believer in owning your own business. After all in my talks, trainings and books I talk about taking control of your life. One way of taking control of your financial life is to have your own business – if you don’t have one, start and build one. Let me take you back a little bit. Coming out of University with my Health Sciences Degree, I went through a series of lengthy interviews having to get all the boxes ticked to begin my career in the corporate pharmaceutical world. Growing up through out school, and as University students, many of us perceived a form of certainty. That if we worked hard, we will be rewarded by the company we worked for. And sure there is truth in that with some good companies, but today as a whole, we know better (at least should know better). NULL

The Dream (as a bunch of us called it) all through University with many of us students was to get the degree out of the way, get out there in the corporate world, work hard so that one day we hit it big – a six figure income salary package.

Ah it was The Dream, picturing having a family living in a grand home, the bank account loaded, a line up of cars. Did I mention the arcade area and an infinity pool with a Jacuzzi? MTV cribs didn’t exist back then, but if it did reflect how we imagined it, it would be similar to a lot of these episodes you witness today, only now the paradigm has shifted and what we see today isn’t what many deemed as success only a few short years ago – a whole different article on it’s own. Yes we were naïve (some are still naïve to the ruthless world of perceived certainty of a job). Some of you might be in this category, and some of you have grown out of it, nonetheless you have experienced the category I am referring to, the ruthless way of the world and that certainty of income from a job doesn’t exist. In case you haven’t, think the recent crisis the world faced. So going back to me graduating from University I was excited. I was so excited that I completed a three year degree in two and a half years. I was so excited to just get out and make it happen. But all my dreams were dashed when after what seemed like a promising series of interviews, and might I say, the interviewers repeatedly saying that they looked forward to having me on the team, they finally thought that I was too young for the job. “Come back in a couple of years time and we will have a job for you”, they said. “What am I supposed to do in the mean time”, I queried? “Why don’t you do your masters and come back”, was their reply. Go and do my masters? Only because a group of people felt that 21 was too young of an age to carry out a sales representative’s task, and that a 23 year old would be a better fit? Purely on the merit of age?

Only because in their minds age mattered and it limited their thinking, why should I have to lose out on two years of my life because THEY THINK I’m too young? Who are THEY anyway?

I personally knew many individuals across the board who were great at what they did, both in their teens and in their sixties. I had heard how my parents along with many others were faced with dilemmas of being too over qualified or under qualified, how they had accents, or how they were getting too old and a company didn’t want to invest in someone in their forties. Over used jargons, all of which was supposed to dictate your life. Well, they had the wrong guy. I was furious at the time (yet today I count my blessings for I wouldn’t be a distinguished author of several books, a sought after motivational speaker that is recognized and requested around the world if didn’t happen). Today I am grateful for that incident but more importantly for the decision I made, a decision that changed the course of my life forever. A decision which I refer to in my first book Winning The Game Of Life. A decision that you too must make.

A decision to Take Control.

You see, after that interview, I only had one thing spinning in my head. ‘I will not let someone else dictate me or my life, what I should do and when I should do it.’ That became my motto, and it is to this day. I decided that I control my life and no one else should have a say in it. That was an event that changed my life that shifted my thoughts to the importance of owning my own business when it came to taking control of my financial life. The crisis we experienced over the last few years should also be a reminder that when things get tough, companies have to ensure they survive, and to survive they have to cut out where they can. Ruthless, but it’s the truth. What about Loyalty? What is that? When the going gets tough, people get cut – OUT.

It is the survival of the fittest, and unless you have an ownership over something, you have no say in it.

Think of it like a ship that is carrying a heavy cargo but when at risk of going under, begins to throw off what it feels it needs to ensure the survival of the ship. Now why have I shared with you all this? I did so in order to emphasis the importance of having your own business. I hope that at the very least you strongly consider taking control of your financial life. You will never get your true worth working for others. Financial freedom is rare working for others. Flexibility doesn’t exist, because you are working for someone else. And yes, I know that there are sacrifices and challenges of having to maintain a family maybe, or pay rent to keep a roof over your head, so you can’t simply drop your source of income. Sure. Agreed.

However, you can start a business on the side and work on building it to the point where you can then have the choice to work for someone else or build an empire.

And please, don’t bring money as an excuse. Nobody said you have to buy a million dollar business to start with. You can certainly build a multi million dollar business with hard work, talent, blood, sweat and tears, but it can all start with a few hours a week, and as little as no money down, just the will to Make It Happen. Remember that nobody will care for you as you would yourself. Take Control of your financial life and ensure you start and own your own business. Have a Winning Month


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