Take the Lead and Change the View by Jim Bellacera

JimBellaceraIf you want to move mountains you need a team. Leadership is earned it is not a birthright. It is earned by living by example; by doing what puts you in the forefront without that being the intended result. Pursuing ones goals through the peaks and valleys, fighting the good fight (mostly internal), and coming out victorious in the end. It takes following through on ones commitments because your word dictates your actions, not because it was easy, but because you said you would. Most people are looking for someone to follow, a person that they can trust and has earned that trust by doing what they say when they say they’re going to do it. That is what integrity is all about. The character of a leader is what puts them in that possibility. The difference between mediocrity and greatness. NULL

Leaders know to accomplish their goals it requires surrounding themselves with those they hold in high esteem, those with knowledge and experience not yet their own. One cannot be all things to all people and being able to point to the success of others does not dilute your leadership abilities but enhances them. “A rising tide raises all ships”. By witnessing the success of others, it creates belief for the team. Healthy competition is a good thing. There should not be an attitude of, “they won therefore we loose”, or the other way around. The success of others becomes the footprints for others to follow.

In other words, tell me and I will listen, but show me and I will follow. Leadership requires putting aside your pride and leaving no room for ego. Humility is key.

If you have to tell people how great you are, you aren’t! Sometimes humble pie can be the breakfast of champions. Leaders are willing to accept all responsibility but never take all the credit. Edification of those you lead as well as those you follow is a trait of a true leader. Taking your eyes off yourself by lifting others with praise and recognition will earn you the loyalty of the team. On the flip side, as a leader you must be willing to tell people what they need to hear to help them grow, which is not necessarily what they want to hear. Choose words of encouragement. A leader comes to realize that being well respected is more beneficial then being well liked. The moment you have earned the respect of others is the moment you’ve made a positive impact on another person. In a world where most people will just tell you whatever you want to hear because it is easier to just move on, someone who is honest and has integrity is a blessing. Whether leading one or a few, or an entire team or corporation, a leader uses a guiding hand not an iron fist. That’s the difference between a leader and a dictator. You cannot abuse your position of leadership by taking advantage of or using others to accomplish selfish goals. And the last thing most people need in their lives is another boss.   Leaders are dreamers, they are visionaries willing to share their vision with others and include others in that vision. Leaders can see far beyond where they are and are able to empower others to stretch far beyond what they alone can see.

Great leaders make decisions based on solid principles and not their emotion. It’s easy to be considered a leader when the tide is rising with you, but the moment the tide turns against you, you cannot crumble under the pressure.

Leaders have to be steadfast and able to give and take advice at a critical moment so that those you are leading will feel confident and have the assurance that as a team you can turn things around. Having the ability to keep going under pressure will earn you the respect of those counting on you for reassurance. Great leaders are great students. And so it is important to stay up on your professional skills as well as your people skills. Probably one of the greatest tools in leadership is being able to understand and relate to everyone. That is why taking the time to learn about the different personality styles is so important. There is a saying “leaders are readers and readers are leaders”. There are so many incredible books on sharpening your leadership skills, relating with others and improving your current relationships. Listening to powerful and inspiring talks allows you to transfer that to others on your team. Great leaders are people builders. It is not hard to recognize a great leader when they are constantly building up the team. Building others up empowers them to become more than what they see in themselves. People will aspire to be what others say they can become and your team will want to live up to that. People will always go the extra mile for someone who believes in them.

Constantly building others up creates a stronger and more confidant team rather than creating a team completely dependent upon its leader.

As the leader, your goal is to empower each person to become self sufficient therefore creating a stronger group as well as a stronger individual. The best way to achieve what you want is to help others achieve what they want. The bottom line is a leader leads by example never asking of someone what they themselves are not willing to do. Remember, one cannot teach what they do not know; and one cannot lead where they will not go. Write down some opportunities you have had to lead. After reading this lesson, what could you have done to be a better leader? ___________________________________________________________________________   Maybe you have never had the chance to lead. So what aspects of being a leader inspires you? It is critical that you recognize the importance of team spirit. It must be continually reinforced. Each individual is a crucial part of the whole, contributing to the success of the team. If you want to move mountains you need a team. And sometimes we have to be reminded that there is no “I” in team and that Together Everyone Achieves More.


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