Taking Ownership of Your Life by Jim Bellacera

JimBellaceraStop trying to play it safe. Stop taking the path of least resistance in your life. Until you take ownership of your life you are where you are going to be for the rest of your life. In most cases all you have to do is look at the past to determine your future. If you aren’t willing to make changes, your future may just be a reflection of your past. Often times in life one will end up where they are based on circumstances rather than planning. In order to take ownership of your life you have to determine certain things about yourself so you can see what areas in your life need to change. This will allow you to start a new chapter in life that you define and not be a victim of your circumstances. When negative thinking is constant it taints or foreshadows what you say to yourself as well as to others and eventually you have willed negative results into your life. It is amazing how our subconscious mind will direct the results in our lives. NULL

Your brain is like a sponge; whatever is absorbed is what comes out when put under pressure. Negative thinking can lead to depression and or anxiety. It can cause overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and despair. Positive thinking will lead to hope, fulfillment, satisfaction, and a joyful spirit even in the midst of challenging times.

Empowerment comes from the acceptance of who you are along with self control and strong desire.

Stop trying to play it safe. Stop taking the path of least resistance in your life. Don’t be like a little creek that flows always following the path of least resistance. When an engineer designs a plan for a river to flow in a different direction he has new trenches and tunnels built to force and control the river to flow where he wants it to go. You need to do the same with your life. By becoming the engineer of your own future and creating a new direction for your life.

In order to re-engineer your life you need to start working with the most important component, you. Always remember, When you give other people power over you, you rob yourself of the power to make your own changes.

Make a list in order of priority some things in your life you want to take control of and change. Creating a Mission Statement: This is your own personal proclamation. Your mission statement incorporates your core values, your true loves, desires, and your ambition for all aspects of your life. You have to acknowledge what you stand for in order to know what to fight for. (This can be a paragraph or a page.)   Here is an example: I _____________ believe that I am worthy of a life of joyful abundance. I will set goals and commit to them and to my accountability partner. I will honor my priorities, putting God, and my family as my first priority. The desires of my heart are to always make them feel like they are my number one priority and the reason I will work to achieve my dreams and goals not allowing anything to get in my way. I believe “to whom much is given, much is required”. Therefore, along with creating the desired lifestyle for my family I will commit to supporting those in need with my time and my money. I also strongly believe that in order to achieve true happiness and success you must help others to achieve their goals.


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