Tap into your authentic passion to increase your credibility with your prospects by Stacey Hall

For decades now, sales trainers have all been teaching methods of getting sales…

methods that rely primarily on being ‘pushy’ and learning scripts on how to overcome objections. This approach has been used for decades to teach how to ‘control’ a conversation.

And for many people, this idea of ‘controlling a conversation’ means ‘controlling another person,” which produces feelings of anxiety, and decreases the likelihood of the person achieving success in making the sale. This same approach has been described over and over by salespeople – and potential customers – as ‘inauthentic,’ ‘pushy,’, and ‘spammy.’

It has also often been noted that ‘being pushy’ is one of the greatest fears of those in the sales industry because it requires most in the industry to:

— go against their natural way of building relationships.
— be out of alignment with what they have been taught about treating people the way they want to be treated.
–learn skills to help them be successful in risky and uncomfortable situations.

No one enjoys feeling defeated and rejected over and over.  And that is why so many people quit companies after being trained in these “spammy” sales tactics. Now that’s a problem!

Here’s the solution: Tap into your authentic passion to increase your credibility with your prospects.

Be Authentic Instead of Aggressive

Passion grows within us as a result of our experiences of living through personal triumphs and tragedies. It is our authentic passion that adds integrity and credibility to our words and actions.

Authentic passion is the emotionally compelling aspect, which must be present in our interactions with our prospects if we want them to feel how much we care about them…and feel sure that our products and services can help solve their problems.

Salespeople in many ways are motivational speakers – whether talking one-to-one with a prospect or to a group of decision-makers.  To be effective in sales, we must learn to communicate with passion.

How to Identify Your Authentic Passion

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Stacey Hall
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