Team building and 17 years of serving the great women of our profession! by George Madiou

The 17th-anniversary women’s edition of The Network Marketing Magazine!

This is the 17th straight year that I have thought it strange that we honor women in December every year. The reason that I find it so strange is that women should be honored EVERY month of the year. Well, I then realize for the past 17 years we never honored the men even once in the last 206 issues (this month).

This is a profession in that women excels in a big way.

Why is that? I can give it a few good guesses however one of them would revolve around our theme this month, Team Building. Don’t get me wrong, there are many other reasons besides team building, but this month’s topic is one that women dominate in.

Many of you know my wife Debbie, (most of us call her the President.) This coming year we will be married for 45 years. For the first 25 years, we worked together in the many businesses that we owned. For the last 20 years, Debbie worked at a new gymnastic school that our daughter went to as a little girl. Because of our wide variety of businesses the owner, a talented young man asked her if she would like to help him.

Debbie’s experiences in many businesses including skills that we learned in network marketing, helped this gymnastic business tremendously. As a Vice President, Debbie was responsible for building a team of employees of just under 90 people. She was instrumental in guiding her team to create a multi-million dollar school with 2 locations of almost 2,000 students.

Two and a half years ago I asked Debbie if she would become the president of The Network Marketing Magazine, and she agreed!

There is no such thing as a coincidence, six months after she agreed, I had major heart surgery. Without the President, I would have lost the business being laid up for 4 months.

Today our business is stronger than it has ever been. Debbie has put together a talented team of women and we have been transformed from a magazine into the number-one network marketing resource in the world! The president is helping thousands of women all around the world and creating great teams that will succeed under her leadership in The Network Marketing Magazine.

I am so grateful for the direct gift almost 45 years ago from God and the fact that The President wanted to have me on her team!

George Madiou
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