Team Building by Lisa Wilber

Lisa Wilber

Team building is not simply a matter of offering your company’s opportunity to a lot of people, signing some of them up and training them, and keeping in touch.

Yes, those things must happen, but the bigger task here is to build a community. What do I mean by a community?

Most companies in network marketing and direct sales sell great products but is it really the products that keep team members staying with the business?

I believe it is a mix of great products and a sense of community among team members.

I believe people want to have fun and be part of something. They want to have great examples to follow. They want leaders to care about them, not just about how much they earn off their efforts.

When you are building your team, try to find ways to bring people together whether that be online or in person. Help people on your team connect with other people on your team that live near each other or that have common interests.

Create a Facebook group team page and have regular zoom meetings and/or meetings in person so that your team members can have an opportunity to meet new people and share ideas.

I know I have colleagues in my company that are best friends of mine, and we are not in each other’s downline.

We regularly get together and exchange ideas and just have fun. We even have had “Mastermind Weekends” full of fun and shenanigans. None of us want to quit the company, even during challenging times, because we have a bond with all these other people who are also in the company. We also all want to continue earning the company trips each year so we can vacation together and have the company pay for it.

Let me give you an example of something we did with a recent company incentive.

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Lisa Wilber
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