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George Dubec


TEAM – T (together) E (each) A (accomplishes) M (more).

A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose and hold themselves mutually accountable. Good teamwork is what makes organizations successful. Whether it’s a band, a sports team, a Fortune 500 company or a network marketing downline, group cooperation is what makes teams great. Understanding the chemistry of what makes a particular group of people work together is a fundamental element in the formation of a team. Without proper chemistry, even the best people with great skill sets will not be effective as a team. Chemistry is more important than skills! In the world of network marketing, recruiting and building an effective team is paramount to achieving success!

Once your team has been created, how do you develop proper chemistry ……….

1 – Define goals for both the team and members

2 – Establish the roles of each participant

3 – Find out what members have in common to create rapport

4 –  Establish a clear cut leader(s) that everyone agrees on

5 –  Provide proper training

6 –  Establish effective lines of communication

7 –  Eliminate those that are not good team players

8 –  Acknowledge good performance

9 –  Promote a sense of family

10 – Continue to nurture the team and provide both ongoing praise and selective criticism

11 – Define each member’s strengths and weaknesses

12 –  Plan things to do together outside of the work project

13 – Establish contests and give awards and rewards

14 – Find out the best way to relate to each member as everyone is motivated differently

15 – Give the team a name for branding and unifying purposes

The benefits of teamwork are as follows ……………..

Building a team in network marketing is about recruiting people to work together to achieve team success. The members of a network marketing team must be able to embrace a common vision and common goals for the business and the team to succeed. If you become part of a network marketing team, you will soon find out the great importance of your up line and down line in achieving your own success. Very few people can make it on their own abilities!

Basically, success comes by following others who are successful within the system.

In the bottom-up approach to business, individuals at all levels of the team contribute to the growth and success of the business as a whole. The best network marketing companies strive to grow leaders that understand team building. They find qualified people, establish their place on the team, educate and train them, then show them how to teach  others. Teaching replication is the key to sustaining and maintaining team members and your down line.

It is important to manage your down line rather than leading your down line.

The best leaders emphasize the importance of teamwork and using a preferred system. Don’t allow team members to get creative and “reinvent the wheel” by doing their own thing! You must also take into account your system may not work for everyone. Let members know that they will not be supported if they do not use the system that has been chosen.

A network marketer, working with an up line, or organization, that has the bottom-up philosophy will be the best choice. Top organizations offer easily duplicatable, effective marketing systems to teach their members and offer training and mentoring programs to help their down line.

As you build your team and your knowledge of this industry, you will better be able to train your own recruits and work with your down and up lines to increase the overall success for all members of the team.

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