Teamwork Mindset Solution By George Madiou &Steve Dailey

My column this month is dedicated to my coach, Steve Dailey. This month’s theme is on Expanding Your Team. Debbie and I have never had a better teammate in growing this great international network marketing resource than our coach and great friend Steve Dailey! We here at The Network Marketing Magazine are dedicated to carrying on the brilliant teaching of this great teacher and coach, with his passing.

We will carry on Steve’s legacy of teaching and coaching those in our profession who want to learn the skillsets and the wisdom to apply to become successful in their business.

We start with this classic on Steve’s take on Mindset!

Coach Steve Dailey Has been my personal coach for almost 20 years. Coach Steve has been one of our most effective contributors in The Network Marketing Magazine. Coach Steve was instrumental in working with me, developing The 27%er Success System. Enjoy this video!–George Madiou

This segment is a sample of a comprehensive Mindset Reinvention course offered by Coach Steve and Entrepreneur Excellence.

George Madiou
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