Thank You To The Women Who Make A Difference by George Madiou

I am extremely proud and humbled to introduce the 12th Women’s Issue at The Network Marketing Magazine. Currently, network marketing is bringing in over $180 billion dollars in sales with over 100 million distributors. More so than any other industry, the success is due in large part to women. Women are becoming top earners and performers every day.

I love this issue because it gives me a chance to honor not only women in network marketing, but the women in my life that have been there for me, especially in the last few months.

About six months ago, my wife Debbie started doing the daily training in the 27% Success Training System that was created by The Network Marketing Magazine. She was so impressed with the daily training that she asked if she could join the company and add her expertise with organization and vision. I was so impressed with her proficiency that she has become the President of my company. Women truly are the backbone of this industry,

In November, I started feeling ill. After many tests and procedures I ended up with an emergency quadruple by-pass. I am now recovering and incredibly grateful for the women that pulled me through this major medical scare. We cannot have the excellent healthcare that we have without the support of women. Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, aids, and everyone else that helped in my recovery.

The most gratifying part of this was to see my wife, Debbie take over the business and not miss a beat. She knew what had to be done and worked everyday with a great team of people to keep the business going. Thank you!

This month’s issue may look a little different than past months, but it was put together with love and excitement that after 15 years we have never missed an issue. Thank you to all the women in my life, especially Debbie. And thank you to the great team at The Network Marketing Magazine who worked tirelessly in my absence to honor the legacy of the magazine.

I wish everyone a joyful holiday season and I will be back and feeling better than ever in January!

George Madiou
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