The 10-Day Burst By Richard Brooke

Have you ever noticed how we tend to get more done when we have run out of time to get it done?

There is a mountain of evidence that when we compress the time we give ourselves to get stuff done we are far more productive. Look how fast we pack when we have to leave to catch a flight. Notice how quickly we clean the house when company is coming, or how massively we get in action promoting our business when the contest period is about to end. 

The core plan that I challenge Network Marketers to pursue is one invite a day. An invite is asking someone to look at your opportunity and they respond … yes, no, or maybe. One invite a day can be done in 30 minutes including the time you might spend reaching out to people that do not respond. If you were to invite one per day for just 90 days you would have invited more people to look at your opportunity than 99.9% in your company.

Most people just do not do the work … especially not consistently. The magic of the one a day plan is its consistency. 

One a day does not sound like much, but 90 invites in 90 days is a landslide of conversations. One challenge with the one invite a day program is the monotony of it. Some people do not do well-doing something every day no matter what. And some periods of our lives are more intense than others, with travel or company in town or an intense work schedule. The ten-day burst solves that problem.

Here is how it works:

Look at your monthly calendar in ten-day increments. Look for ten consecutive days that have the least amount of distractions … ten days where you could see yourself getting intense for maybe 60 to 90 minutes per day. Then take your business plan of 1, 2, or 3 invites a day and compress it into ten days. 30 invites a month would be compressed into 3 a day for ten days, 60 invites compressed into 6 a day, and 90 invites into 9 a day. And just like packing at the last hour for a trip, you will find that you get more done in that ten days than you would by giving yourself 30 days for the same number of invites.

Energy inspires energy.

When we burst, we produce and compress energy. We are more intense, more excited, we move faster … talk faster and this energy inspires people around us. We don’t have to tell people that we are in a hurry, they feel it. The ten-day burst begs the question … what do I do for the other 20 days? Simple … clean up your mess. Do the presentations that come to you, follow up as you can. The invite is the most challenging action step in building the business. It is the step we have to initiate. A step like the presentation is far easier for us to get done since we are responding to the initiative of the prospect. When someone says … “yes, show me,” we tend to get that done. It is the invite that requires motivation and management. Take an upcoming month and implement the ten-day burst. You will love what it does for your productivity.

Here’s the Secret Sauce …

Choose one period of time every day … the same time every day to do your invites. Just like looking at your month for the most productive ten days, look at your typical days and find the 30 to 90 minutes when you could be the most productive every day … the time slot with the least number of distractions. Once you have that time slot, enroll your family and anyone else in honoring that time slot as your focus time with a big “Do Not Disturb” sign on your office door. You will find if you do this, you will be radically more consistent in producing the results you want.

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  1. ArthurTugman

    When you can’t be disturbed, this will be the best time to focus on success.
    Mr. Brooks I enjoyed your column and I want you to know that your secret sauce paragraph inspired me to write a quote for you.

  2. ArthurTugman

    When you can’t be disturbed, this will be the best time to focus on success.

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