The 11th Chair by George Madiou

George-MadiouHow a man named Edward Kimball over 150 years ago had an impact on

Watch the video that started with a man named Edward Kimall 150 years ago, eventually effecting a man named George Madiou that now brings us to today. Then read the message George Madiou has for his friend Pastor Bill Mitchell, the man in “the 10th seat”.

My email to my friend Pastor Bill Mitchell Boca Raton Community Church, Boca Raton, Fl.

October 1, 2013

Dear Bill,

I’m writing an article for my magazine coming out on Tuesday October 1, 2013 called “The Eleventh Chair” It’s based on your sermon this past Sunday. 8 years ago, on Oct 1, 2005, I started my online magazine (something I had never done before) called

8 years ago I also got to know you, and you made an incredible impact on my life. At the time, because of things we discussed and things that I heard and learned from you, I committed to this magazine project. I knew that God put me on this project to spread His Word. I also knew that through this effort it would be a vehicle that would answer many prayers spoken to God and this magazine would speak to those who had hope that God had an answer for them.

There was no way of knowing what article spoke to a particular reader that would make an incredible impact that God intended in over 5500 articles in the past 8 years. The magazine turned into just another instrument of God’s to speak to his children. It was GOD’s magazine!

God would allow me 8 years later to spread His Word boldly to over 200 of my contributing authors and tens of thousands of members of my magazine in all 50 states and over 120 countries around the world! Your influence and God’s guidance has allowed me to follow his calling in my life, and follow a moral impulse rather than walk away from a project in an arena that I had no previous experience.

It wasn’t until Sunday that I realized his plan for me started over 150 years ago when I saw myself sitting in “the eleventh chair.” God bless you and thank you, my friend, for planting seeds in me that will continue to put many people sitting in “the twelfth chair” (I can’t wait to meet those people in heaven!)

Your friend and brother in Christ

George Madiou

Publisher and Co-founder

George Madiou
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