The 27%er Success System vs. The Wisdom of The Ages Vs Hype by George Madiou

George Madiou
Founder, CEO & Publisher

We are all involved in teaching, if we are working the business. Many members whether they are just entering our industry or individuals that have been struggling for years, deserve to go from being exposed to hype to learning from the wisdom of the ages.

We take the responsibility of teaching the wisdom of the ages as one of our core obligations. This means teaching what has worked and produced real results. Teaching time tested skill sets not hype “success,” as if you are given some magic to succeed. The 27%er success system is at the core of The Network Marketing Magazine.

Let me give you a brief history and let you in on a great secret to success in this business. We are a 15-year-old “library” of Network Marketing knowledge. We have had over 200 contributors (Teachers, Trainers, Leaders, Coaches and Company Owners) including many of the “greats.” You’ll see just a few of the “greats” on the cover and the March 2020 issue, Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler, Doris Wood, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Denis Waitly, Nicki Keohohou

These people all teach The Wisdom of The Ages! We have been blessed to have had contributors that have given freely to our members, the wisdom that has produced enormous success in our industry.

Several years ago, we started to explore what was behind the statement, “only 3% of the people in network marketing earn a significant income.” What we heard from that was, 97% didn’t! We needed to find out if that was true. More importantly we wanted to know why and what could be done about that dismal statement.

Out of 100% of the people in network marketing, that 3% figure was correct.

The shocker that we discovered was, out of the 3%, 2% had no clue how they became a big money earner!

We discovered that this 2% group was “Lucky Big Money Earners” got there because they were lucky enough to sponsor 1 or 2 people that dragged them over the big money finish line. Unfortunately, everyone else that this group of 2%ers sponsored fell into the group of low-income earners. The 1%er (of the 3%er group) taught the people that they brought in (and deep down into their organization) the success principles of the wisdom of the ages!

The next disappointing thing that we discovered was, clearly 70% of the people we analyzed, thought they bought themselves a network marketing lottery ticket!

These people were not willing to do the work necessary to build a successful business.

That left 27% of the group that were hungry to succeed.

They were starving to find out what they had to learn, apply and do, to earn the kind of money the 2%ers were earning. “What do I have to do?” That’s how we coined the term the “27%er” We were on a mission. No longer were we going to spend any time supporting the 70%ers. Why were we going to care equally about the 70%ers, when we could devote our time and energy supporting those who were willing to learn and do the work! The 27%ers! So, this is how the 27%er Success System was born.

We knew we had a great team of proven teachers that taught the success principles of the wisdom of the ages.

We had the content and the ability to be able to tap into these great people if we needed to fill in any missing information. But what was missing?

There were too many people hyping their weekend program, that was going to make a networker a top leader. This hype was just not true. That’s when we created a system with time tested methods practiced in the most successful corporate companies. We knew that we had to look outside of the network marketing industry, since our industry didn’t have such a good track record in producing individual success on a bigger scale.

The 27%er Success System was created to change behavior.

This system, was created to teach proven, business building principles. We knew that there were great companies out there, that did an incredible job teaching about their products and services. Our aim was to teach successful business principles.

We knew the best way to learn was in small bite size pieces (15 minutes/day) in a sequential pathway over a long period of time (a year long program that started to get real results right away.)

After a very successful 6-month beta testing period, we put in another 9 months and have created a program that is better than ever!  We have combined the 27%er success program with our monthly membership to The Network Marketing Magazine which includes the entire library of monthly issues from the first issue on October 2005.

Our membership includes the ability to sort by your favorite author, topic and word search. We have an ability to instantly change every one of the over 3000 articles into over 100 different languages.

You will be the first to also receive version 2.0 of the 27%er Success System along with your monthly membership. We will also be offering the members our “try us out” bonus where you will get to experience the membership for the first month Free of charge!

Experience it here and pass this on to 10 of your friends, who you know that are 27%ers also, to do the same!

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