The 3rd Customer Revolution – Shopping 3.0 by Christian Wiesner

Change is not new.

Change is happening all the time and it’s mainly determined by disruptive Technology, which seems to happen in waves every 30-60 years.

The question is not if the change will happen and who is to blame.

 Its the customer who makes the buying decision.

He decides where he spends money and who generates Turnover in the future and who won’t.

Who wins the Customer wins the market and by that wins the future.

It’s as easy as that.

If we understand the past, we can learn what will work in the future and prepare in time for Success.

Let’s have a look at the 3 big Customer revolutions so far.

The 1st Customer Revolution: Shopping Centers  from 1930

The 1st Customer Revolution took the Customers from Mom & Pops Corner store

to the Shopping Center. More and more people could afford a car and now drive every Saturday morning to the Shopping center, choosing from a vast variety of products all under one roof for much lower prices, due to much higher sales.

One morning full of fun and savings and all shopping for the week was done!

This was the end of the small shops, and it was the Customer Behavior due to technology disruption in Transportation that caused their end.

Shopping Centers all over the world were launched, with a skyrocketing turnover of trillions of dollars per year in 5 decades of time.

The 2nd Customer Revolution: Internet Shopping  from 1990

The 2nd Customer Revolution was massive.

The Internet was a disruption in technology the normal (offline) world was not prepared for. The Internet connected the Customer to the whole world, now he could see, check and compare prices for any product with ease and within seconds. Customers could literally buy products from anywhere in the world and choose from a nearly unlimited variety.  The new Shopping platforms like Amazon or Alibaba where the Shopping center of the Internet, offering products from all over the world.

Since most distribution middlemen and costs were eliminated even greater discounts were possible.

Now customers could buy everything from the comfort of their homes enjoying free and easy delivery to their doorsteps for even better prices than ever before.

The direction was clear

“In 10 years everybody will be in online business or out of business” Bill Gates

Turnover of Shopping centers stagnated while Online Shopping platforms generated trillions of dollars in turnover in less than 20 years. 

The 3rd Customer Revolution: Social Commerce shopping

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