THE 4-STEP MASTER COACHING FORMULA Tell. Show. Try. Do. by Matt DiMaio

Matt DiMaio


Here’s the sad truth. Most of what passes for coaching or training is not being done effectively in the MLM profession.

If it were, you would see your downline reps get far better results, faster and easier.

We wouldn’t have the terribly high dropout and failure rates that our industry suffers from across the board.

Unfortunately, what most new recruits experience as coaching is having someone merely tell them what to do.

And, that’s where it stops.

Telling someone what to do is NOT coaching. Far from it.


If you are a parent, think about your experience with your own children. If you simply TELL your kids once or twice to make the bed or eat their vegetables, or do their homework… do they do it? Do they do it all the time? Can you count on them to do it all the time without supervision?

Of course not. It’s ridiculous to even think about.

Here’s another example. If you’ve ever been part of a sports team, did your coach merely TELL you to run wind sprints, do push-ups, or “keep your eye on the ball”?

No, of course not.

The coach first makes sure you know what to do and then oversees you as you do it. If you don’t do it well enough, the coach corrects you, then have you do it again while being supervised. Sometimes, they require you to do it again and again and again, until you get it right.

However, as a business professional, you don’t have that kind of time to spend with every individual you recruit. It’s simply unrealistic.

There’s got to be a better way.


There is a simple 4 step system that you can use to train people one time… and have them retain what they’ve learned.

This method works better than anything else (other than personally “babysitting” them for weeks or months at a time).

Here is my 4-Step Master Coaching Formula.

I call this system TELL – SHOW – TRY – DO.

First, you TELL your trainee what to expect, and what you’re about to show them.  Give them just enough detail that they understand the concept. Don’t go overboard on your explanation.

Then, SHOW them. Have them observe you in action as you do what you just told them about.

Next, have they TRY to do what you just did. Even though they understood what you told them, and they just saw you do it, they will usually fumble about on their first few attempts.  Stay with them. Be patient. Compliment them for what they did right. Correct them with positive feedback about where they went wrong.

Soon, they’ll be able to DO what you’re teaching them.  Certainly not as well as you, because they’re still new at it.  But, with some practice and having you follow up with them during their continued attempts, they’ll become more confident and capable. They’ll quickly become independent.


Let’s use the formula to coach your new reps on something important. You want to teach them the best way to make recruiting presentations over the phone.

We’ll use each of the steps.

TELL your trainee what you’re going to do before you actually get your prospect on the phone. Briefly explain what you’re going to do and say in advance. Doing that prepares them to be observant. It helps them to pay attention to what you say and do.

SHOW them an actual recruiting presentation. Call one of your own prospects, or call one of theirs. Do everything you can to stay true to what you told them to expect.

Let them TRY a few recruiting calls while you observe them. They’ll probably be nervous and fumble around a bit.

So what!?!

Let them fumble. Don’t be too quick to rush in and save them. Just like parents let their toddlers learn to walk by allowing them to fall down safely, you’re keeping a watchful eye on them. Provide a bit of guidance. Be strong on the praise and be specific with your suggestions for improvement.

Soon, just like that toddler, after a few attempts, they’ll start to get the hang of it. They’ll be able to DO it by themselves.

Give them some time. Check back with them in a day or two. Then, check back in a couple more days. Get them independent from you as soon as possible


Once your new recruits are flying solo, you’ll be free to coach others using the TELL – SHOW – TRY – DO method.

The best part is that you’ve provided each of your recruits with a proven and fully duplicatable system that empowers each of them to coach and train their own teammates moving forward. This is true coaching at its best. It’s a proven formula. It’s worked for hundreds of thousands of professional networkers over the decades… and it will work for YOU too.

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