The 6 Questions to Teach New Team Members by Stacey Hall

The most important message we can give to our new team members is to sell from their heart instead of their mind.

They must know that this is the way to create an emotionally satisfying experience for their leads and prospects.

Help them to discover their connection with the products or services—a personal passion for what they sell—so they can be in alignment with your prospects. And without that alignment, they will have a much harder time making sales.

Before they can be in alignment with a product or service—and the people who will want to buy that product or service—your team members must be fully honest in answering these 6 questions it is important for you to ask them:

1 What are all the problems and challenges you have had in your life?

2 Which of these problems and challenges do you no longer have?

3 When you were going through each of these problems and challenges, what advice or help did you wish someone would give you?

4 What lessons did you learn or what commitments did you make because you overcame each of those problems and challenges?

5 If you met someone today who is now going through the same problem or challenge you overcame, what advice or support would you give him or her?

6 If you had access to the product or service you sell now, what are all the ways the product or service would have helped you (or how does it help you) overcome the problems and challenges you listed above?

We ask these questions because passion grows within us as a result of our experiences of living through personal triumphs and tragedies. Our authentic passion adds integrity and credibility into our words and actions.

It is the emotionally compelling aspect that must be present in our interactions with our prospects if we want them to know how much we care about them and feel sure that our products and services can help solve their problems.

By matching what you sell to your authentic passion based on your personal experience, your connection with your prospective audience will be built on a solid foundation of authenticity and credibility.

Building a connection is based on likability, trust, and credibility. 

No credibility means no sales.

Based on their passionate reason for selling what they sell, they can now craft their vision for how they will let their ideal prospects and audience know how much they care about them.

Everything else begins to fall into place, doors start to open, and obstacles melt away like butter on a scorching hot summer day...

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Stacey Hall
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