The Answer To Launching Or Relaunching Your Business by George Madiou

The answer to launching or relaunching your business begins with the 27% success system!

We have been blessed over the last 16 years to have had many industry leaders and trainers share their wisdom with our members. Many of these contributors have taught highly successful distributors some of these distributors have gone on to be million-dollar earners.

 We decided to take the best trainings and put it into a program that is the big 6 network marketing success principles for financial success.  This program is called The 27%er Success System. It is a fun 15-minute a day program that goes over 6 of the major principles necessary for a person to get the information critical to succeed in their business. 

These 6 principles are the fundamentals of success.

Reinventing Time, People Skills, Lead Generation and Prospecting, Customer and Partner Loyalty and Retention, and Duplication and Leadership.

Each one of these categories has subcategories. What that does, is it allows us to do a deep dive into these 6 essential topics. Each of the short lessons is only 15 minutes or less. They contain an informative video and questions for you to answer. This allows you to understand the concept presented and put them into practice in your business. Discover the principles and the sub-principles for The 27%er Success System below.

 Fundamentals of Success

 Goal Achievement

 Mindset and Attitude

 Play to Win


 Your Why

 Measuring Results and Earning Rewards

 Structure for Accountability


 Launching or Relaunching Your Business

Reinventing Time

 Controlling Finite Time



People Skills

 Connecting With People



 What To Say


Lead Generation and Prospecting

 The Prospect Journey, Reach, Engage, Convert, Continuum

 Multiple Lead Streams

 Everyone Has Their Own “Looking Zone”

 Retail Sales

 Building a Team

 Social Media


Customer and Partner Loyalty and Retention

 Become Who Others Want To Follow

 Understanding the Value of Nurturing

 Follow Up With Tools and Systems

 Customer and Distributor Delight

Duplication and Leadership

 What Is The Definition Of A Leader

 Equipping and Developing Leaders

 Expanding Your Team

 Distributor Development


This is the basis for our 27% success system. We are creating a deep dive program that expands on each and every one of these topics.

 If you want to succeed in your network marketing business, whether you are just starting out or you’ve been around for quite some time without the results, Try this system, learn and apply what you learn to your business.

Learn from the masters. It’s up to you. You’ll never find a more value-packed program in your network marketing career!

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