The Best Target for Hackers By Daryoush Ashtari

Hackers are programmers that know more than ordinary programmers and can take control of a website, server, mobile device, or computer without your permission.

They have different purposes to do this. Some are looking for something valuable to sell them on the black market, some hack a chain of devices to lose track and hack a big company. Sometimes, they try to find some personal and private info and ask for ransom, spread a computer virus, distribute spam, host illegal adult content, and sometimes they have political reasons or check a chain of websites and servers to lose track and hack a big server. No matter what they do, the owner of the mobile device, computer, server, or website is the one that loses something. What they lose will depend on whether it was a personal computer, a personal mobile device, a corporate server, or a personal or corporate website. But, if what has been hacked is a server or website, no matter if it is personal or corporate, what has been taken from it, they lose one thing in common. People’s TRUST.

These are the most common reasons for hacking.

But who are their best targets?

Startups, small businesses, and home-based businesses are the best target for hackers. Why? They have:

– many contacts, valid email addresses, (even probably more information such as full name, city, state, country, personal interests, purchase habits, …)

– lots of information, real online buyers, medical and health history,

– sometimes private information about their users,

– they don’t know or don’t care about the value of the information and data they have, and

are ignorant of security issues.


They usually do not pay attention to security issues, warnings, alerts, and recommendations. And as far as their homepage has not been defaced1 or their website is up, they think they are fine. When you talk to them about security, they usually say:

– It happens to others, not me, or

– I don’t have anything important, so I don’t care, or

– I take a backup and whatever happens, I just upload my backup again, or

– Security is a fancy thing for big companies to waste their money.

– Some other reasons

These excuses make home-based and small businesses the best target for hackers. They are vulnerable, unprotected, and have lots of information. So, why does a hacker waste his time hacking websites that are behind strong firewalls?

The Reasons

Many reasons make small and home-based businesses to be the best target, and these are just the most common reasons:

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