THE BIGGEST BLUNDER YOU CAN MAKE ON SOCIAL MEDIA and Why You Need To Teach This To Your New Recruits by Matt DiMaio

Matt DiMaio


Okay, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. This really bugs me, and I’ll bet it bothers you too.

Have you ever ‘friended’ someone on Facebook or LinkedIn and the very FIRST THING they do is send you a private message “Pitch” about what they offer?

Or how about this? They post promotional stuff about their company or products right on your page without any sort of permission or conversation with you.

That is so NOT cool.


Pitching someone before even saying “hello”, or dumping your promotional stuff on their page are two of the most disrespectful things a person can do on social networks.

It’s just plain rude. Not only that, it’s bad for business.

I will NOT do business with someone who treats me like that right out of the gate.


If you truly want to be successful, think of making contacts on social networks the same way you would treat people at a live business networking event, or at a social party. 

Greet a new person properly. Introduce yourself. Say something that will get the other person to engage with you. Ask a few questions to learn more about them. Quietly determine whether or not they’d be a likely prospect for what you offer.

Then, if you feel it’s appropriate, give your “elevator pitch”. Keep it short and sweet.

If the other person is receptive, then set a time to have a proper business conversation. Now, when you’ve just met, may not be the best time.

Treating those you meet on social media the same way you would as if you’re meeting them face to face will lead you to far greater success.

Even if you never do business with that person, sometimes, down the road, those connections can lead to unexpected benefits.

Remember, success is not just about WHAT you know, but also WHO you know…

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Matt DiMaio
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