The Breakthrough Experience! By Brian Biro

I love that I am called America’s Breakthrough Speaker because helping people breakthrough is my passion! 

When we breakthrough from fear to freedom, from failure to faith, from ego to ‘we go’, and from good to great, we rise to our potential, we live with possibility rather than limits. 

Long ago I learned something you definitely learn from your experience in network marketing:

When we hear, we forget.

When we see, we’re more likely to remember.

But only when we DO can we understand! 

So, in more than 1,800 presentations I’ve delivered over the past 32 years (over 150 of them for Network Marketing companies) I’ve guided participants to apply the power of acting upon breakthrough beliefs to achieve a breakthrough they never forget.  Nearly a million people in my events have broken through one-inch-thick wooden boards karate-style!

The Breakthrough Experience is one of the greatest combinations of individual and team experiences these participants will ever have. 

The first element of the individual impact relates to the meaning of the experience.  The breakthrough represents a metaphor.  It happens to be incredibly accurate.  The way you breakthrough the board is exactly the same way you breakthrough real challenges in your life and business.

Suppose your greatest fear is public speaking.  You’d rather have four root canals without Novocain than to ever have to speak in front of 500 people.  How do you overcome a fear that is so deep?  It’s the way you break your board!  Suppose you want to get in better physical shape, to lose some weight.  I lost 29 pounds 14 years ago and haven’t found it since!  How did I do it?  The same way you break your board.

And the board represents the pivotal ingredient in your breakthrough. 

It represents a limit, fear, obstacle, habit, or doubt that today is the day you are ready to say once and forever: “Never again will I let this fear hurt my children. Never again will I let this doubt make me feel small; make me feel I’m not good enough.

So, at every event I have the participants write on one side of their board the limit, fear, obstacle, habit, or doubt they are committing to breakthrough once and forever. On the other side of the board, they get to write down something incredible! They write down what is waiting for them when they HAVE broken through…what they will be, do, have, and create in their lives because no longer is the fear holding them back!

Over the years I’ve had people email me about their real-life breakthroughs that were ignited by breaking their board.  I’ve had people skyrocket their network marketing businesses, bring their families back together, forgive someone they thought they never could, become better parents, run a marathon, and beat cancer.

So, the first part of the individual impact is related to the meaning they give to their breakthrough.

There’s more to the individual impact of the breakthrough.  As every person breaks their board, they are surrounded by their teammates clapping and cheering and calling their names.  The energy is astonishing.  Some of these people have never really been cheered for in their lives.  The impact of feeling that kind of full-out, unconditional support becomes their greatest breakthrough.  For some, it is the first time they realize how much people care about their breakthroughs.

The team element of the experience is equally amazing.  You will never hear cheering as you do at the breakthrough experience!  Even introverted, shy people let go and fully engage because they know at a heart level that they are all in this together.

And, the team impact goes even deeper.  One of the very best days of my life was my daughter’s wedding day.  It was so remarkable for a reason I never could have put my finger on until I experienced it. For at least six hours that night, I didn’t think of myself once!  All I could do was think of her.  They tell me I was laughing and crying all at the same time. I don’t remember either.  All I remember was Kelsey. 

And when your teammates are cheering you on as you step up to break your board, they get to feel in those moments the exact same way I felt for my daughter on her wedding night.  As they cheer you on, they are not thinking of themselves.  They’ve moved completely from ego to we-go.  And, it’s the most powerful feeling of being a part of a team you can imagine!

So, the pivotal question is: How do you breakthrough?  You’re reading this article and this fantastic Network Marketing Magazine because you want to breakthrough...

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