The Challenge of Change …….. By Cody Wasial

Well, I’m experiencing one right at this very moment.

A change in the topic in which to write about for the June Issue of this magical magazine.

My initial response was: “But I already completed my other one!“ I could feel myself begin to work up some resistance. I didn’t want to write a second one, I am on a road trip with my dog and the days are quickly running out in May.

However then a shift was made. If you re-read the paragraph before this sentence you may make mental note of me saying that….

I could ‘FEEL’ myself working up resistance.

That, right there, is the key to shifting a challenge into an opportunity. Challenge into ease and it’s in the magical tool of Self-awareness, which, as the universe would have it, was my article I had already written for the month of June.  I didn’t plan any of this. 

This is just the beauty of learning to pivot and shift. When you feel resistance, create flow and then poof, all your work comes together. 

HAHAHA! The magic of life ….

And now ….. A deeper look at the best tool out there Self-awareness

The tool of self-awareness 

This tool alone can help you solve all the issues you have. 

Yup true story. 

Angry at a co-worker? Raise the awareness on why what was the trigger? Heal it within. 

Having an anxiety attack? No problem, let’s raise awareness on where it stemmed from and begin to practice a new thought pattern just before it becomes something we can’t handle. 

Noticing you are unmotivated, great your awareness of this allows you to make a choice, to shift out of it using movement medicine or whatever works for you. 

Feeling longing and discontent in a relationship – is a super awesome gift!! If you become aware of the feeling you can then decide if this is a good place for you to stay or not then begin to take steps to remedy it within the relationship, using your words perhaps.

I have overcome so many debilitating and toxic behaviors just by asking myself new questions, raising self-awareness of how I was reacting to things in my environment, and how to bring peace to myself and those around me. 

Self-awareness has given me more peace and grace to walk through the chaos and challenging times, it has allowed me to shift in all areas of life and continue to create new amazing results every day. 

SO The number one tool in my eyes is that of Self-awareness and yes it will even help diminish the pre-programmed thoughts and feelings around Change being a challenge!! 

May you be just a little more aware of that magic today for yourself.

Cheers !!! 

“It is with patience I shall look upon the desires of my future, knowing I already have all that I ever could dream of and more, for I have thought it and spoken it and so it is .” -Cody Wasial

Cody Wasial
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