Presenting is an Essential Network Marketing Skill and Practice. By John Hackett Ed.D.

To Rethink what Presenting is, Follow the Nine P’s to Develop Your Skills

When people think of presenting, they think of large group presentations.

This is often termed “Public Speaking.” Public speaking is a common fear of most people, according to MentalHelp.Net.

The scientific diagnosis for fear of public speaking is “glossophobia.” It comes from the Greek words “glossa” (tongue) and “Phobos” (dread or fear). Glossophobia affects men and women equally. If you have experienced glossophobia, you’re in good company. Many professional speakers feel significant fear of public speaking. Interestingly the treatment is rethinking what public speaking or presenting really is and learning and practicing presenting skills to reduce harmful anxiety and become more proficient as a presenter.

Rethinking what is presenting and learning skills are the keys to improving as a presenter.”The purpose of this article is to rethink what presenting is and what makes it an essential skill for network marketers.

An nine-step guide, the nine P’s, will be shared  to learn the process and practice of sharing information using effective presentations skills

Presenting in any network marketing business is the process and practice  of sharing information with groups of  1 or more people

In a network marketers business, presenting is much more than large group public speaking events.

Presenting in any network marketing business is the process and practice of sharing information with groups of  1 or more people. This event could be a sales or sharing the opportunity meetings, information sessions, training, networking events, sales team meetings, small parties or demonstrations, or 1-1 sales and interviews, to name a few possibilities. These can be formal events or informal gatherings.

The point here is presenting is a significant part of a network marketing business. In this post-pandemic world, presenting possibilities have expanded tremendously. Information can be presented virtually, entirely online, hybrid, online/ in person, in-person individually or with a small group, and of course, large group.

 The process and practice of presenting are essential to success, especially in network marketing. Being an effective presenter enhances those we reach and opportunities.

“Presenting effectively expands a network marketer’s visibility as they become more visible. They become in Google terms” known, liked, and trusted.”

The essence of any network marketing business is building relationships to get things done. Relationships are built by the process and practice of effectively presenting yourself, your services, and your expertise to inform people of the services that a network marketer is as a business person and how they can be of service.

Presenting in network marketing refers to the process and practice by which a network marketer shares information that connects and engages with a wide variety of people. This group could be clients and potential clients or team members, current team members, contacts, and other community members and organizations.

Succesful presenting in process and practice can increase connections, expand markets and opportunities, enhance current team members’ skill sets, and positively affect current and future sales and team building. Presenting effectively expands a network marketer’s visibility as they become more visible. They become, in Google terms,” known, liked, and trusted.”

Presenting is a learnable skill, a process that can be refined over time by continual intentional practice.

The Nine Ps present guidelines to intentionally seeking to learn and practice applicable with some accommodation in any venue or audience. The guide to developing as a presenter requires disciplined attention to these nine Ps…

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