The concept of Presentations vs. Demonstrations. By George Madiou

The concept of Presentations vs. Demonstrations.

What is more effective, show or tell or tell & show?

Is our job to tell and give all the facts and details? Or is it to paint a word picture so someone sees the benefit to them? We are in a teaching  & learning business. Very few of us grew up learning about network marketing in school and hardly any of us were blessed, growing up learning about network marketing at home.

How did we come to learn and find out about this great business and opportunity?

The great majority of us first found out by hearing an incredible story. We found an opportunity that fueled the fire of hope within us. That spark, didn’t start with a presentation with flip charts or power points, it started with an attention getting story. Unfortunately many times, a lot found out  about some beach-bum that was making gangster money after 6 months. It might have been a story about a person who took their product and grew an extra limb or some other far fetched tale. Us lucky rookies, heard great and truthful stories that lead us to hear and see a great, well presented presentation.

The people who were hooked by a story that revolved around hype and didn’t pursue the real story about the company and products, were quickly disappointed and didn’t last.

Those people that had a story that got their attention, went on to learn more. These people got a presentation and learned more about the details of the story. They also got a demonstration of the company’s product and services. The point is the new beginning distributor got more information.

Those who got a presentation with a great word picture story benefited over the person who got the presentation with just the facts and figures. Those who also got a  demonstration of the product or service got the best of both worlds.

Go for the best of both worlds, present with a story and demonstrate so you experience your own beneficial story!

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