The Direct Selling Executive Forum by Ben Dixon

The Direct Selling Executive Forum will be hosting a special guest interview panel on May 14th at 10am PST / 1pm EST. 

Mark Beiderwieden served as an executive at Amway for over 25+ years, managing some of the largest markets on the globe.

He’s often talked about the challenges of an executive’s desire for growth and quick wins but not opening their eyes on sustainability and doing the right thing for the good of the long term.

In this interview, we’ll be asking Mark the following questions:

1) One of the traps I run into often, is executives getting tunnel vision on short-term needs, and never getting long-term success. What have you seen?

2) You’ve said, “Following distributor behavior is not an expansion strategy”. Tell me more.

3) Most companies struggle when opening new markets. I’ve heard more horror stories about wasting un-Godly amounts of cash on bad country launches than any other part of the business. What does it take to expand into new markets well?

4) I’ve heard you say “Smaller organizations do not share urgency, professionalism, follow up that is necessary to be a long-term successful player.” What do you mean by the statement and what examples can we all learn from?

5) If you could go back in time 5-years and tell yourself “one-thing” that you know now, what insight would you share with yourself?

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