The early years of Successful women in the Direct Selling Industry Profession almost certainly starts with the spectacular Mary Kay Ash. By Jillian Bouwen

The early years of Successful women in the Direct Selling Industry Profession almost certainly starts with the spectacular Mary Kay Ash.

It is difficult to not have her come to mind when thinking about the Business Model of a Direct Selling Company & the Role as A leader she herself played in the Direct Selling Profession.

Over the decades Mary Kay Ash became one of the leading Female influences our industry has come across. Her Leadership in gaining women to take a leap towards pursuing owning their own business with Mary Kay Inc. has resulted In well over 3 Million Independent Sales Consultant World Wide. Each one of them living a piece of the Mary Kay legacy she created.

In 1963, Mary Kay made the decision to pursue her grand vision of what Most People know the Company today as “Mary Kay Inc.” She dove into this Direct Selling Business model with her own spin and blew the typical “man’s world” of direct selling out of the water.

She fought to defined what business success for women could look like if they were respected enough to share in equal opportunity in the workforce specifically the Direct Selling industry.

She decided to share with women, the tools to build confidence in becoming a Success during a time where men dominated the business world and tolerated very little interference from women.

From here Her devoted path and business sense it led her straight to the top as a true leader in the Direct Selling Profession.

The influence of Mary Kay Ash’s vision and strong minded attitude has been passed on through many generations with her “I can do it” approach. It still continues to expand with a ripple effect on women in business. Today women are still using the standards of her template to build their own Business.

We are very fortunate for Mary Kay’s influence in Leadership and her wisdom, that continues in the legacy she leaves today in this amazing industry.

This magnificent women prided herself on her “Golden Rule.”  Both in relationship building as well as treating others how she wished to be treated.

This is one thing all of us should strive to emulate.

With many awards received in the direct selling industry, Mary Kay Ash has also been honored with multiple leadership awards in business including one of her most recent achievement that came along a few years after her passing……

In 2004 where she was honored by The Wharton School of Business and PBS, with being One of The 25 Most Influential Business Leaders of the Last 25 Years.

To learn from her, is the benefit to believe in yourself,as a Women the Direct Selling Profession and as part of any company in this industry, it will amaze you and stretch your limits in new and exciting ways.

Seek out the many opportunities to Learn more about Mary Kay’s Leadership and her sharp sense for her Business Teachings.  It revolutionized the way Women Leaders today are recognized for having Success in Business.

I congratulate you Mary Kay Ash & your Strong Team of Leaders with your  55th Birthday this year of Mary Kay Inc. in Business. Cheers to the Queen you are.


  • Jillian.Bouwen

    Jillian was born in Toronto, Canadaspent her time growing up in Nova Scotia and haslivedin Ontario, Alberta & California, United States.

    Her Excitement for the Direct Selling Profession began as a child while her friends Mom was hosting A Mary Kay Party which amazed her thatWomen couldlearn Successby purchasing a Business Kitthat turned into income and no Boss.

    Her background is in business organizational coaching. Dynamic and intuitive, Jillianhas the ability to contribute innovative strategies for business providing simple solutions for complex issues. She is able to identify extensive details that envelope the life or businessof the Network Marketer.

    Jillian combines the Direct Selling Profession andthe side of Entrepreneurshipto SupportConsultants into becoming an Elite Leader in this ever growing Industry.. By looking at them at both areas in businesswith an innovative, & unique way. Her goal is to provide simplified solutions for encouraging Consultants to become Professional Leadersand share resources for overall stability in Being a Business owner.

    Her aspirations is to shiftan aspect of the Industry intoModern times of technologyin the Network
    Marketing industry, while maintaining the connection with people in person, uphold the DSA Code Of Ethics, and improve the way network marketers interact with consumers on a daily basis—providing trust and authenticity on a global scale. 

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