The Four Keys to Successful Coaching by Frank Bolella

I’ve been coaching people over thirty years now. I’ve coached people from a number of varied professions. I’ve worked with professional and amateur athletes, business entrepreneurs and executives and musicians and actors. Coaching is an incredibly rewarding endeavor. It’s great to succeed personally but it’s better to succeed while helping others to succeed as well. I quickly learned that when it comes to coaching people to success there are four keys to equipping and empowering them to achieve their goals and maximize their potential.

Those four key principles are…

first to guide them to establish engaging objectives.
The second is to incorporate effective strategies.
The third is to equip them to empower their personality.
The fourth is to inspire and motivate them to take explosive action.

When a coach connects with their player or team and gets them tuned into these four keys, success manifests in their life and winning becomes a habit.

So let’s look a little more deeply at these three keys.

The first key to successful coaching is for the coach to establish “Engaging Objectives” with the person or people they’re coaching. Engaging Objectives” are objectives that engage us psychologically, spiritually, emotionally and physically. “Engaging Objectives” are the mission, purpose, vision, goals, and values of the individual or team.

Before a coach can begin to coach they need to identify and clarify where they will be leading the individual or team. As the saying goes’ “if you don’t know where you’re going you’re bound to get there.” A good coach takes time to work through the mental clutter and define what the objectives are.

What is the mission (the big purpose)?

What is the big picture (the vision)?

What are the stepping-stones to accomplishing the mission and vision? We call those goals. What are the values of the individual or team? Those core principles that we are not willing to compromise on. Things like integrity, excellence and consistency.

Once the coach has established the “Engaging Objectives” they can move onto key number two “Effective Strategies”.

The second key to successful coaching is “Effective Strategies.” Strategies are maps that lead us towards our “Engaging Objectives.”

If your objective is to travel from New York City to Los Angeles by car and you don’t have a map you’re likely to go the wrong way. You might head south and in a couple of days end up in Miami. You might head north and in a week or so end up in the Yukon. When people don’t have effective strategies in place trying to achieve their “Engaging Objectives” can be down right frustrating. They’re ever working and taking action but it gets them nowhere. They’re on the treadmill going nowhere fast.

Effective Strategies” are strategies that work. They are proven and tested. They are efficient in moving people towards their desired outcomes. “Effective Strategies” are success maps. Things like time mastery maps, peak-performance maps, skill development maps, influence maps, leadership maps, energy and health maps, relationship building maps, and team-building maps. A great coach has an arsenal of

Effective Strategies” that they can incorporate into the lives of the people they are coaching. When the right strategies are incorporated people and teams begin to move steadily towards their “Engaging Objectives.”

The third key to successful coaching is the “Empowering Persona.”

An “Empowering Persona” is the personality that is focused on the vision, inspired with positive emotion and motivated to take action.

The “Empowering Persona” is energized, passionate, charismatic, attractive and influential.

Great coaches know how to bring the best out of people. They understand how to help people to release the God given potential within. They know which button’s to push in the people they coach that makes them rise up to their best. Every great coach that I have ever known has a number of what I call “Performance Technologies” that they use in coaching others to maximize their potential. Great coach’s use these technologies year in and year out getting the best out of the people they coach. They masterfully mold and shape people’s self-esteem, confidence, drive, influence, skill and passion.

Great coaches know how to not only “Empower Persona” but they teach others to empower themselves. The ultimate goal in coaching is to equip and empower people to be self-inspired, self-motivated and self- actualizing.

The fourth key to successful coaching is “Explosive Action.” “Explosive Action” is action that creates explosive success. It’s action that is effective and efficient. It’s action that turns “Engaging Objectives.” into tangible realities. It’s action that wins championship, titles and battles.

Great coaches know how to get people to take action. They know which carrots to dangle in front of those they are coaching. They know what buttons to push to get people to take positive action. They know how to get people to do what they may fear to do and possibly not want to do.

Great coaching involves identifying the motivational factors that make those they coach do what they do.

The same thing does not motivate everyone. Some people are motivated to get things. We call that ‘to’ motivation. Other people are motivated from things. We call that ‘from’ motivation. People motivated to things will do things to get more, make more and win more. From motivation drives people from pain, from loss and from defeat.

Some people are intrinsically motivated and others are externally motivated. Intrinsically motivated people are driven by core values like excellence and significance. They will strive to live an excellent life giving their best with everything they do. Externally motivated people are driven by outward rewards like money, recognition, or trophies. Great coaches identify the motivation triggers in those they coach and use them to move people to action.

So the four keys to successful coaching are Engaging Objectives, Effective Strategies, Empowering Persona and Explosive Action.

Whoever the successful coach is that you observe whether in sports, business, theater, the military or politics you will see them using the four keys to successful coaching in the lives of those that they are equipping and empowering to succeed. Implement “The Four Keys To Successful Coaching” and you will see those you’re coaching “Xcel To Success”


 The Four Keys to Successful Coaching by Frank Bolella



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