The Greatest Leaders Are Servants Of All by Rex Harris

When I think about all I have learned about being a leader, throughout the course of my life, there are countless concepts and theologies that come to mind. What I have found to be the most powerful way to lead, is to serve.

It’s been said that a good leader does so by example. The example we set, as leaders, determines the growth of our team. Our leadership inspires action! It demonstrates love. It offers hope to those who aspire to follow our lead and become leaders themselves.

It’s also been said that leaders breed leaders. But how? There’s more to leadership than telling people what to do. A GREAT leader is, first, a servant. This is how a leader demonstrates to those they lead what is expected of a GREAT leader.

The most unfortunate challenge in network marketing is the lack of leadership.

Lack of true leadership accounts for a significant number of the challenges recorded in the history of MLM and Direct Sales. Interestingly enough, success in network marketing requires leadership. It requires discipline. It’s an investment in our customers and our team members and it’s our responsibility, as leaders, to convey that message so people have a solid understanding of “what they are getting themselves into.” 

Too often new prospects are left to figure things out on their own when a leader shirks their servant responsibility. What better way to cultivate an electric sense of action and belonging, in a team, than to teach them how to be a GREAT servant?

That would solve a lot of the challenges we face in the MLM workspace. It takes a simple understanding that people want to be loved, they want to be needed and they want to be part of something. They also need to LEARN what to do if they don’t know. Therefore a great leader is an excellent teacher…

A good leader knows how to prospect.

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Rex Harris
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