The Greatest obstacle to discovering the truth is the belief that you already know it! By Brian Biro America’s Breakthrough Coach

 Let me ask you a question: What color is a yield sign?

If you’re like 95% of the over half a million participants in my events over the past 29 years, your immediate answer was YELLOW.

Over 45 years ago the USA switched to international signage standards, and every yield sign you’ve seen for more than 45 years is NOT yellow…

It’s red and white!  It looks exactly like this:

You’ve seen thousands of yield signs.  You see the same yield signs every day if you drive a similar route to a similar location, in the same way, you see your family every day, the same way you see your business every day, the same way you see YOURSELF every day.  So, you’ve seen thousands of yield signs, and yet, you haven’t seen ONE of them for what’s right there in front of you! WHY?

The simple, but the profound answer is at the heart of transforming your business, your confidence, your present, and your future!

Why don’t we see yield signs for what they are even when they’re right in front of us?

It’s because we rarely use our VISION to see!

Do you know what we use instead?  We use our MEMORY and our CONDITIONING!

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Brian Biro
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