The Greatest Secret For Financial Success….. Listening By George Madiou

That’s a pretty bold statement! The Greatest Secret For Financial Success.


It’s a bold statement with even bolder results.

Why is it a secret? First, it’s not a secret to those very successful distributors who have found it and put it into daily practice. Listening does a number of wonderful things. Successful people have found when you carefully listen, you will find clues to what people want and need.

The most skillful listeners know that when they are truly listening, the person that they are listening to will leave clues as to what they truly want and need.

How does that happen? First of all, people want to be heard. Their needs are first and most important to them. Most times, the people they are talking to are more concerned with their agenda, not the one they’re talking with. The skillful listener is in tuned to pick up on the clues that will make them a great problem solver.

Second, a skillful listener has taken the time to hone this valuable skill set. This person practices listening all the time. With their family, their friends, the people at work, and most importantly, their customers and the people on their team. Great listeners are not only financially successful but are also great teachers of this skill set. This is why they are among the 1 percent of the most successful 3 percent of big income earning networkers. This secret sets them apart from the other 2 percent of the big money earners in network marketing (I call these 2 percenters “lucky big money earners.” The 1 percenters, pass on this secret deep into their organization, building the most solid organizations in the company.

Don’t get me wrong, these people are a rare bunch. That’s why it’s a secret. But anyone can be an expert at it with persistence and practice.

But how do I get started?

Great question!

Practice, practice, practice. We are not taught to listen, really listen. Start at home, it will pay off Big Time!

Observe others.

You will notice how often people are not listening to those they are talking to. Just observe at first. This is for you to understand how important true listening really is.


Talk to your family. Then practice with co-workers, friends, and then strangers. Strangers??? Yes, strangers, this skill set wouldn’t be developed overnight, so practice it as often as you are in front of someone. The more you keep quiet and really listen, the more people will see you as a brilliant conversationalist, and you have never been so quiet!

What will I say to a stranger?

You can ask any one of the 5 key magic questions, that you would ask those you know.






This will start off any conversation and will get that person talking to a point where you’ll learn lots of things. When I use this guide, I’m amazed how often I hear, “What a Great Question!”

The best part of this exercise is the more you do it, the better you get at it. Eventually, when you’re in front of that big client or prospect, you will dominate the meeting by being the BEST listener that person has ever experienced.

You now know the greatest secret for your financial success. Practice the skill set of listening and teach it to those who you care about.

Aim High and Listen!

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