The HOT Technology In Network Marketing Today is LIVE CHAT by Max Steingart

Today millions of people are making money on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter by chatting with other people.  And so can you.

The fastest growing top earners in network marketing will tell you that they owe their success to Facebook, LinkedIn and Titter.

They have teams of people enrolling their best new customers and reps in less than an hour a day using LIVE CHAT.

And their new recruits are doing the same thing within a few days of joining their business.

But no one is really willing to tell you how they’re doing it unless you’re on their team.  Here’s a big clue.  LIVE CHAT!

In the coming months and issues, I’m going to tell you how they’re doing it and how you and your team can be doing it too


To be successful in your network marketing business all you have to do is connect with the right people who need or want what you’re selling.

Most people trying to make money on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are so focused on the fact that they give everyone easy direct access to so many people all around the world, that they forget these are social networks and they blatantly try to sell stuff. In the end, they fail miserably and many get their pages canceled.

A majority of the people on these social networks are easy to talk to but are not interested in what you’re selling.  They’re online to connect with others, not filter through masses of online promotions.

The simple reason that people spend more time on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter more than other places on the Internet is because they use them to connect with other people that they know and like.

Yet a significant portion of the people using these social networks would buy what you’re selling if they knew about you, if they liked you and if they trusted you.


Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter users are talking with each other every day from their desk tops, laptops, iPads, iPhones and Smart phones using LIVE CHAT. ( also referred to as texting or private messaging ).

LIVE CHAT is a fun filled way to communicate with anyone, including your prospects.  In fact, it’s so much fun it can actually be addicting.

LIVE Chat and social media was solely responsible for Ronda, a top earner in Isagenix to go from $150K a year to $750K a year in a relatively short period of time.  She met two of her biggest business builders on Facebook.

Not surprising, it was Facebook’s LIVE CHAT function that exploded Ronda’s business the most.  She was able to talk to people instantly without having their phone number.  “In one minute, I can literally reach thousands of people.”

LIVE CHAT is one of the most popular features of a social network.

When Facebook added LIVE CHAT in 2009 they doubled their number of users and went from 300 million users to 600 million.  Look where they are today.

LinkedIn copied Facebook and added LIVE CHATs one of their features in 2015.  Now they’re called Facebook for professionals.  As a result, LinkedIn is attracting a younger audience and the 40 million millennials on it make up their fastest growing demographic.

What more can I say about Twitter than it helped Donald Trump win the presidency and it can help you build any business.

Today there is a lot incorrect information being shared about how to use social media effectively. 


The emphasis on list building is highly over-rated because Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have done the heavy lifting for everyone.  They’ve created lists for you of 1.78 billion Facebook users, 476 million LinkedIn users, and over 300 million active Twitter users that you can instantly CHAT with.  They also make it easy for you to identify the people that clearly need and want what you’re selling.

The top earners in your business will tell you that if you want to be successful you must talk to 5 to 10 people about your business every day.  You can easily do that in less than an hour or two a day.

Ghennadi Veduta has been a top earner in network marketing for more than 20 years.  When he joined a new company last year he used LIVE CHAT on Facebook and LinkedIn to add 57 people to his business in 2 weeks.  Two of his front line leaders enrolled 20 people their first week thanks to LIVE CHAT.

Your success will not be determined by the number of friends and connections you have on any social network or how big your list is. And it’s not about how many people ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ your articles, posts, blog posts, and videos.

It’s about how many people you’re CHATTING with about your business every day.

Last month Adrienne  added 73 people to her Melaleuca business in 8 days using the LIVE Chat feature on LinkedIn.

If you’ve tried chatting with people on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter with no success there’s a reason.


Here are the 6 main reasons so many network marketers fail to achieve any real success when CHATTING with others.

  1. They think it’s about selling and it’s not.
  2. They focus on pitching and closing.
  3. They focus on features and benefits.
  4. They never take the time to really connect, build rapport or build a relationship.
  5. They never ask qualifying questions to find a need or identify a problem.
  6. They talk to much and listen to little.

Dan  has been using LIVE CHAT to build his Jeunesse business around the world since 2014.  When he started on Facebook he only had 300 friends.  A year later Dan had over 1000 friends and had reached the highest rank ever in 10 years of network marketing with distributors in 24 countries.

By the end of 2016, Dan’s team had grown to 2800 distributors in 24 countries as a direct result of LIVE CHAT.

2017 can be the year you take your business to the next level when you start using LIVE CHAT to talk to more people.


LIVE CHAT makes talking to more people easier than ever before.



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 The HOT Technology In Network Marketing Today is LIVE CHAT by Max Steingart

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