I have been a team leader, trainer, coach and consultant in the Network Marketing industry for over 20 years, as well as a branding and marketing consultant specializing in business startups.

The most important and impactful training and coaching I have ever done has been to help people discover their passion and turn that passion into profit. In fact, my business tagline is “Discover Your Passion & Turn Your Passion Into Profit!” I have found that is truly the “Secret to Success” to achieving your personal and professional goals!

Discover Your Passion & Turn Your Passion Into Profit

There is no better vehicle for doing that than Network Marketing! However, in order to build a truly successful, impactful and fulfilling business, I believe you MUST be passionate about your products and services – or you just have JOB where someone pays you to promote their products and services!

Are You Pursuing Your PASSION or Working at a JOB?

Out of all the reps I have trained and coached over the years, I have seen that the majority who achieved their goals and dreams were pursuing their business with a passion as a cause and a mission. For that reason, their journey along the way was exciting and rewarding. Their success was measured by the number of lives they impacted rather than the number of dollars they earned!

My own story is a perfect example of how tapping into someone’s passion and turning it into a cause and mission can change their business and their life, as well as the lives of hundreds, thousands or even millions of other people!

My personal WHY started over 30 years ago when an accident suddenly turned my life upside down. That accident left me bedridden on and off for 9 long years with multiple injuries and serious health challenges resulting from all the medications. A friend finally introduced me to a natural health product that literally saved my life! That fueled my passion and my mission to become a natural health expert in order to help others restore their health naturally.

So that was a DEFINING MOMENT in my life that literally changed the course of my entire life! It began a journey that led me to discover natural health, as well as this amazing profession that led me to discover many other passions.

But I didn’t start out in the business. My friend who introduced me to the product kept trying to convince me to join the business. She said I was selling more product than all her distributors put together. But I kept telling her I wasn’t a salesperson and I didn’t want to be a salesperson!

Then one day I was telling her how heartbreaking it was that there were people who desperately needed the product but could not afford it and I wished I could give it to them for free. Then she said the critical words that changed everything… She said that if I joined the business, I could make enough money to give the product away free to everyone and anyone!

That touched my heart and ignited my passion even more to turn the business into my cause and my mission! I immediately joined the business and personally-sponsored thousands of customers and reps and generated millions of dollars in life-changing product sales!

DEFINING MOMENT…I Could Make a Living & Make a Difference

That was also another DEFINING MOMENT in my life when I realized I could make a make a living AND make a difference! WHAT IF…she had never said those words to me? I would not have impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people over the past 20 years!

That experience taught me another valuable lesson. Since I had never done Network Marketing, I decided that if I was going to make it my professional career, I needed to treat it like a career and I started to seek out experts in the industry. However, those experts told me I was doing everything wrong despite my success! They told me NOT to talk about products…ONLY talk about money!

I saw it was working for them, so I tried what I call the “Flash & Cash” method and I hated every minute of it! I lost sponsorships, I lost sales and worst of all, I lost my passion, my motivation and my enthusiasm!

That was another DEFINING MOMENT in my life when I made 2 important decisions:

1) If that is what I had to do to succeed in this business I was in the wrong business; and

2) I would rather make a lot of money helping a lot of people and wake up every day with passion and excitement about the lives I was going to change rather than make a fortune.

Once I made those decisions, my passion returned and I began to attract people just like me who had the same vision, mission and passion for making a living and making a difference! Those were the people I wanted to work with anyway! I was creating My Biz. My Life. My Way.

My Biz. My Life. My Way.

I realized that, as leaders, we have to find ways to help team members do THEIR biz THEIR way as long as it leads them to success! So I had to find ways to talk about the money and the lifestyle in terms of how it could be life-changing in a meaningful way for myself and others like me…

How having more money could…

  • Change the Quality of Their House & Neighborhood to Improve Their Family Safety

  • Change the Quality of Their Children’s School for Better Safer Education

  • Change the Quality of Health & Medical Care They Can Afford

  • Change the Quality of Life for All the People They Love

  • Change the Quantity & Quality of Time They Spend with the People They Love

  • Change the Quantity & Quality of Time Doing the Things They Love

  • Change the Quality of Their Time & Financial Support of Favorite Causes/Charities

True Success…To Create a Life You Love

I discovered THAT is what is really important to most people and what truly motivates, inspires and empowers people! It is the TRUE definition of SUCCESS to create a life you love!

I also discovered my passion for motivating, inspiring and empowering others to achieve their goals and dreams in business and in life thanks to the amazing coaches and mentors that motivated, inspired and empowered me! In fact, leadership is not about having followers – it is about motivating, inspiring and empowering others to go beyond what they ever dreamed possible to help them achieve their goals and dreams in business and in life!

Leadership is About Motivating, Inspiring & Empowering Others

I believe it is more important to be remembered for the difference you’ve made than the money you’ve made! How many people have you helped achieve their goals and dreams?

That is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of this business that is often overlooked and the reason I absolutely love this industry! Helping people motivates me, inspires me and empowers me every day to do more and be more as a leader, coach and mentor!

Throughout my journey I discovered the meaning of TRUE SUCCESS, which is also my mission statement…

“You have achieved TRUE SUCCESS when you have discovered the path where you can share your unique gifts, talents and experience to make a difference in the world and you can honestly say that you love who you are,  love what you do and love who you are doing it with!”

I am so grateful that I discovered the path to TRUE SUCCESS in my business and my life and I am so grateful that path has led me to help others do the same!

The secret to YOUR success is to discover YOUR passion and turn YOUR passion into profit and help your team members do the same!

Once that passion is ignited, it will propel you to achieve all your goals and dreams and help your team do the same. And if that flame starts to flicker or die, you can reignite it by reflecting on your passion, your cause and your mission and helping your team do the same.

Wishing you a business and life filled with passion and TRUE SUCCESS!

To learn more, please connect with me at Dream Biz Success Network, Dream Biz Dream Teamz & Be Happy Healthy Wealthy Now:

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