The Looking Zone by George Madiou

The April 2023e issue of The Network Marketing Magazine is about the looking zone.

The looking zone, and more specifically your prospect’s looking zone is one of my favorite topics in the profession of network marketing.

The looking zone actually has a number of different aspects to it.

A person can be in the looking zone within the activity of network marketing if they have the need, desire, and openness to discover what is offered in the structure of network marketing.

The primary three things that MLM provide is a financial opportunity in the form of a business. The other two that are offered are products and/or services.

Many times, a prospect of ours doesn’t realize that they are a potential prospect.

There are many looking zone triggers that can strike up a conversation. They can range from an issue such as pain that a prospect might be experiencing, it might be a desire such as loving to travel with a newly retired couple or a need to replace an income as a result of a lay-off. It all depends on the products and services that your company offers.

The important thing about the looking zone is dependent upon your company, and what products are services they offer.

You could actually, based on the type of products that you have, identify the perfect ideal candidate to approach.

Obviously, if someone that you know has an issue with some pain-related problem and your company has a solution that’s a real easy fit however that doesn’t make them an absolute candidate for the solution that you might have.

On the other hand, on a personal note, my wife and I were absolutely in the looking zoon. After years of hospital stays and suffering from an incredibly painful back situation, we were looking for relief from a car accident. A networker who heard of Debbie’s situation made a suggestion. At the time, we would have tried anything and the results were extremely successful and it changed our lives. The networker who contacted us didn’t play doctor, he just suggested that we try his product and we were grateful that he spoke up.

You may be a part of a travel company and therefore people that potentially are in the looking zone may be people that are retired and have time to travel. Other potential prospects for a travel business might be travel agents that are working for a travel company and they may want to have the additional income, that they know exists being the boss in their own business.

One of the biggest areas that networkers look for, in someone that is in the looking zone, is people that have a need for more income. Networkers may think that almost everybody is a candidate! But that’s not always true at all. Networks that take this approach aren’t taking into account, the fact that being in business, for most people, is not an easy thing to consider and it’s not something that a lot of people really have any understanding or desire to be involved in.

They might even fear the thought of owning their own business!

I have a friend, who is a networker. Ron was really close and good friends with the manager of his local bank in town, Jim.

Ron was with a nutritional company that he loved and often talked to his bank friend Jim. My friend would occasionally see Jim and sometimes even go out to lunch with him. Jim was always supportive and always asked how his business was going. Ron let him know about his business progress and also told Jim some product stories.

Jim always indicated that he was very busy and he didn’t see himself joining his friend’s business.

Ron never pushed Jim, he just continued with their friendship.

Jim the banker had some issues that Ron’s products could help but Jim just was not in the looking zone. But they stayed friends and they continued to meet.

One day Ron got a call from Jim unfortunately,  Jim’s bank was just taken over by another bank, and he was losing his job. The reason for the call was he had gotten a significant severance pay and he is considering what Ron had been telling him all these years and was now willing to take a personal look at it.

At this point, Jim was serious, he was committed and was open to learning about this option. Jim had no real pressure to replace that salary immediately and he was in a position to build a business of his own, which deep down inside, he never told my friend Ron that he would someday like to do, but now Jim was truly in the looking zone.

The lesson here is not everybody is going to end up jumping at your opportunity. One of the strongest things that you can do is to be able to go ahead and build relationships with people that you like, relate to, and stay friends with.  Be aware of the changes in someone’s life and always care.

Explores some of the examples that you could think of with people who you would like to have in your business.

This doesn’t mean you’re going after thousands of people. Identify people that you would really like to be in business with if you are going to bring a person into your business.

Choose wisely if they are going to be one of your executive vice presidents! Who is it that you would like to see as 1 of 5 or 10 possibilities of growing with someone and then keep up those relationships? 

Thank you and keep an eye out for people that you know that are in the looking zone, just like you.

George Madiou
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