The Masters Series Volume 1

The Masters Series Volume 1

Fulfill the 3 Most Common Desires of Network Marketers

    • To Sell more products and services.
    • To Build a productive Team.
  • To Retain the team members in your group.

Learn the secrets from the Network Marketing Masters. Each CD in this 7 CD set is packed with a wealth of industry knowledge and insightful tips to help you grow your own successful Network Marketing business.

Listen to an audio sample from each CD…

Intro “Growing Your Business” by George Madiou
Recruit the “Suits” by Kathy Robbins
Make Your Business A Little Less Taxing by Sandy Botkin
Breaking the Power of Objections by Doug Firebaugh
Becoming A Master Prospector by Dale Calvert
The Ultimate Free Leads Generator by Max Steingart
Success Made Simle by Paula Pritchard

“I was at this convention and had a chance to hear the speakers in person and pre-ordered my copy of the Masters CD set that day. It’s a great learning tool that I listen to when I need a boost to my business building confidence.”
~ C. Wright, Orlando, FL

“This set Hits the Spot! So much useful information and life lessons knowledge for the Network Marketing industry packed onto each CD. I’m a beginner at this and this information has helped me find my path.
~ Andy Williams, Dallas, TX

The Masters Series Volume 1
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