The Mindset Shift by Mary LaDisa

In the field of network marketing, there is a new buzzword—“mindset!” What in the world is that?

According to, mindset is “a mental attitude or inclination, or a fixed state of mind.” One’s mindset is the lens through which one thinks or views a situation. In most situations, we each have a choice in how we look at it. For example, a woman unexpectantly receives a raise on her job. She is overcome with fear at the thought of all the responsibilities that come with the role. Her fear is introduced by past experience and imposed on the new opportunity. It is not viewed as something positive, rather an opportunity for failure. 

On the other hand, is there a possibility of success? Could this role equip her to serve more people by providing better resources, stronger leadership, and a voice for those in her former department? What if she took this view instead? If this were you, which view would you take?

When it comes to your goals, is your mindset determined about where you want to go in your business, your family, your life?

What obstacles are holding you back? Let’s challenge the thoughts of self-sabotage and unproductive thinking, and take a deep-dive at the root cause. You are good enough!

I remember when it was my turn to really scrutinize my lack of movement with my goals. I kept putting it off. I used excuses like the lack of support, time, and finances—I didn’t have them. The real truth was—I was afraid. I took a good hard look at whether or not I really wanted what I said I did. That day, “YES” became the only answer that I would accept.

My former mindset of excuse-making was replaced with the mindset of success. Are you with me?

You are at a particular place in your journey. Either starting out, starting over, advancing, or at the top of your game. The goal should never be to simply achieve success. The magic happens when you help someone else achieve it. When this mindset shift happens, you realize that what you do can help other people. Do you want to have an impact on others?

Make a resolute decision now. Will, you quit or will you believe in yourself? You have something of value to offer; information, products, training, etc. Do you think it is valuable?

The story you tell yourself most is the one that will triumph, so make it the one that produces what you want to achieve.

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