The Monday Blues….. by Carla Archer

The Monday Blues…..It’s Hump Day…….TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday…. 

When I was working my full-time J-O-B these were three things that I said on a regular basis. 

My thoughts were always focused on what I was going to be doing outside of my work time. I could not wait to be doing something else. 

I was always counting down…. How many hours are left in the day? How many days to till the weekend? How many more days, weeks, and years till I can retire? 

I did not detest what I was doing, I just did not have a passion for it.

I took great pride in what I was tasked to do, however, in the big picture, it felt very insignificant and that my efforts were not making an impact.

I knew that I was meant for more. Do you ever feel this way?   

Then I was introduced to a different way of doing business, the business of me I quickly fell in love with being an entrepreneur. 

As an entrepreneur, I developed an intense passion for what I was building.

I found myself waking up excited for the week to begin on Monday, I would say “it’s already Wednesday” and “Friday is for celebrating the amazing week I had. 

My mindset did a complete 180. 

As an employee, my work did not seem to make a great impact. 

As an entrepreneur, I am making an impact. 

As an employee, I felt my opportunities were restricted, my ideas were not valued and my creativity was crushed. 

As an entrepreneur the possibilities were endless and my success was limited only to my imagination, creativity, my drive, and my enthusiasm to accomplish my goals. 

As an employee, my mindset was not fostered. 

As an entrepreneur fostering my mindset is not only encouraged it is considered equally as important as skills and tools for my business. 

As an employee, there were only so many opportunities to advance and create success. 

As an entrepreneur, there are endless opportunities to rise to the top. 

As an employee, retirement and a pension were the financial goals. 

As an entrepreneur, my financial goals are bigger than I could have ever achieved in my J.O.B. 

It did not take long for me to let go of the employee mindset and adopt the mentality of an entrepreneur. I instantly became passionate about my activities and my goals. This passion feeds my enthusiasm and my enthusiasm is what keeps me going even when times may seem a little tougher. 

As an entrepreneur I feel free, in charge of my own destiny, and that there are no limitations to what is possible for me. 

Which mindset have you adopted for yourself and your business, limited or limitless? 

How you are showing up in your business will make all the difference.

Find something you are passionate about, that gets you out of the bed in the morning and enthusiastic about what you are working towards. 

Show up for yourself and be your biggest fan. Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on, support you, and who work as a team.  

Consider the attention given to your mindset of equal value to the tools and skills you are developing. 

Don’t wait for someone else to show you how to do something or tell you what to do in your business. Take the lead, make a choice and find a way to make it happen. 

There is no need to be fearful.

You can trust in yourself, it’s ok, we are here for you. If you choose to show up for yourself and be open to learning there is a whole world of entrepreneurs who are ready to support and guide you.  

Take all of the great articles in this magazine for an example. Each one of us has shown up for you to support you on this journey. 

My wish for you is that this article may bring to light some of the ways you may be thinking like an employee instead of thinking like an entrepreneur and that you can step into the greatness I know you are capable of.

Carla Archer
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