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Jim Lupkin FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 04/25/2020

Social Networking Association

The Network Marketing Magazine joins the Social Networking Association 

A Passion to Equip Network Marketers Unites Both Organizations

Boca Raton, FL: The Social Networking Association (SNA), a community dedicated to elevating the direct sales industry, today announced that Network Marketing Magazine, a support company, has joined forces with the Association. George Madiou founded Network Marketing Magazine in 2005 with the mission to support the members of the network marketing industry, especially the “orphans” who had no one to teach them the success principles to build a prosperous home-based business. “We know it takes work,” said Madiou, “and so this is one of the purposes behind the magazine, and this is one of the reasons why I’ve joined the SNA. The SNA is here to support those people who are looking to succeed in a big way in their business and to learn the skill sets necessary. So I encourage everyone to join the SNA and take a ride to success.”

Jim Lupkin, the Executive Director of the Association said, “We couldn’t be happier that George Madiou and The Network Marketing Magazine have taken this forward-thinking step by joining the Association. Their commitment over the past 15 years to equip network marketers with the tools and skills they need to have success within the industry is simply unparalleled. By joining the SNA, The Network Marketing Magazine now has the ability to expand its support for network marketers worldwide and help more people have the success they desire.

In just three months of going live, the Social Networking Association has 800 social influencers, 3 social networking companies, and 16 support companies. For more information about the newest support company, The Network Marketing Magazine, please visit 

About the Social Networking Association

Social Networking Association.: The Social Networking Association is a community of social influencers, companies, and support companies who have joined forces to positively impact the direct sales/network marketing/party plan industry. Originally founded in 1985 as the MLMIA, Doris Wood and the board sought to meet the emotional, social, educational, and business needs of its members. At its height, the MLMIA had 87 social networking companies, 118 support companies, and many distributors. The 35-year-old organization is being relaunched and rebranded as the Social Networking Association. Distributors, Support, and Corporate entities voted and secured representation, making the association a formidable, united force in business. For more information, please visit 

George Madiou
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