The Orchestra of Network Marketing by Joshua Denne

The Orchestra of Network Marketing

Joshua Denne is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, speaker and author.  Over his 20-year career, he has built teams of 300,000+ distributors worldwide and has generated sales of more than a billion dollars.  Today, Denne is known as one of the masters of network marketing.

A network marketing professional can be compared to an orchestra conductor.  Parts moving all around that must be in sync in order to create the soothing sound of music.  Just like a conductor leads his orchestra to a crescendo, a network marketer guides his team to success.

Denne says the most important element of success is communication.  Imagine an orchestra that cannot see its conductor — completely out of tune.  A network marketer must be in constant communication with his team.  He is responsible for bringing together every moving part, at exactly the right moment, to create the most desirable outcome.

Denne states, “A conductor is only as good as his musicians and a network marketer is only as good as his contacts.  As a conductor needs his baton, I need my golden rolodex.” Denne created that “golden rolodex” with a simple strategy.  When he meets people, he has two immediate goals.  “I want to quickly become the top influencer in that person’s life, and I want to meet every human being they know,” he explains.  “Once I’ve gained influence in someone’s life, my next question is who’s your best friend?  Why are they your best friend?  Can I meet him or her?”

Denne also believes passion plays a big part in being successful. If you watch any professional conductor, you can see the passion that emanates from every cell of their body as they lead their musicians.  If you don’t believe in the product or service that your company offers and feel passionate about it, you’re doomed to fail.  

Part of that passion is showing emotion to your clients or investors.  They want to know what you’re thinking, what excites you, what experiences you’ve had lately that relate to success or lesson-learning.  Make an effort to share your product or business plan every day to the right people. Let them hear your voice, your emotion, through a phone call — not just texting and emailing.

Being passionate also means being genuine and ethical.   

Tell the truth about what’s going on — not every detail or nuance, but make sure everyone has a good sense of the big picture.  One lone musician may play beautifully, but if the other players are not performing well, the symphony fails.  Each musician has a specific role in the overall performance, so be attentive to their needs.  In network marketing, your “voice” and tone of communication is not the same for your employees as it is for your investors, or as it is for your clients.  Always pinpoint your target audience first and communicate according to their needs and desires.

Think of your daily endeavors as small notes in the orchestral piece.  Every decision you make is either adding harmony and resonance to your business “symphony,” or subtracting from it.

The choices you make day to day have a direct impact on the results you will get.  

It may take several months, a year, or longer to hit enough high notes to feel satisfied with your performance.  But it will happen.  No matter your age or when you start or how bad you think the music sounds now, it will improve!  Think of it as a game of replacing the bad notes with the good ones.  Every time you do that, the music gets a little better.  The harmony sounds sweeter.  Once you establish the foundation, the notes will resonate.

Listen to the music around you.  What can you learn from it?  How does it sound different?  Sometimes your competitors might have an idea or a practice you can incorporate into your business.  Read voraciously, listen to podcasts, study the marketplace, and question everything.  Challenge the people around you – that’s how you assure their growth as well.

Or better yet, seek out mentors and coaches to give you other perspectives on how you can grow.  This doesn’t always mean you have to shell out thousands of dollars for seminars and conferences.  Mentors can be informal business acquaintances who might be willing to offer you advice after you establish a trusting relationship with them.

Believe in yourself.  You are the conductor of your own orchestra.  The conductor seamlessly brings together the woodwind, brass, percussion, and strings.  In a corporation, analysis, evaluation, referrals, and resources are the instruments that need to work in harmony.  When they do…you get a standing ovation. 

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