The Path of an Entrepreneur By David Feinstein

Which mindset is best for the accountability of a business? Let’s take a quick look at the employee and entrepreneur minds for a moment. The employee regardless of a given role or title (ex: manager) tends to focus on the day too day tasks. They also focus on the number of hours they are scheduled for. They tend to stay within “the garden” or their area of responsibility.

Entrepreneurs on the other hand tend to focus on the long-term strategy of their business. They will also have a higher level of obligation to their business and teammates. They have to focus on the success and development of their team. They prevail over the most difficult challenges that arise. They also make time to develop themselves. The typical business owner is flexible and often jumps into gaps that require their help.

Independence Road for the Bold

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It’s ok to stay as an employee. The risks are quite lower than it is for business owners. Running a company can mean freedom in many ways. One of the biggest perks is the ability to be your boss. The income potential is nearly unlimited and there is no profit sharing. Some folks like to set their working hours. This flexibility is great for those with families.

Now there are drawbacks to owning a business. There is potential for little or zero income. It can be easy to lose motivation, especially when times get tough. Building public trust will be challenging. The whole marketing and sales elements become your sole responsibility unless teamed with a partner. There is the likelihood of profit sharing. Long working hours can affect time with family and friends. Not to mention the development of teammates and meetings.

This can be a challenge but a manageable one. Take one step at a time. If you are planning to move from the employee to the ownership role. Allow yourself some time to transition to the other role slowly. There is no need to rush, however, it can take time to see financial success in the business. Don’t feel daunted if you do find success quickly. Be aware that it may not last and some planning and financial saving may help you endure the cold days.

Accountability Begins Now

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David Feinstein
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