The Potential Power of Automated Email By David Feinstein

The Potential Power of Automated Email

True power lies within the individual that seeks to improve their life in a positive way. There are tools that can be quite helpful for the busy marketer, and some tools can destroy a business completely. Knowing which tools will benefit you is important. This article tears two worlds apart and compares them. One world happens to be the non-automated world of email and the other is the automated world of email. Each one has its own appeal and benefits, but for the busy business. One may lack the horsepower that is needed to transform a simple village into a massive global empire.

Non-automated email world

Email marketing is a vital system to help grow businesses. It is important to have the attention of the prospect in the confusing internet world. Emails are hard to get, but when you do; it means they trust you enough to see what you have to say. So, creating powerful emails is vital as you grow and expand into a global business. However, non-automated email systems can eat a lot of time. Especially monitoring lists and crafting emails that will leave a positive impact on the reader. What would you do if a certain behavior from a subscriber triggered a different email? You would have to realign their needs with a different list and craft content for that list. It takes a lot of time to do this manually, especially with trigger points activated by subscribers.

The Power of Automation Emailing

Email automation is a very powerful alternative to the traditional method. However, you do still have to craft the content and lists. However, you can use built-in triggers to send the right emails based on behaviors of the subscriber. You can schedule all of your emails to release at different times and in different time zones. You don’t have to send them out one by one anymore. They can be shuffled and resent out to those who didn’t get them in their inbox. As you grow your email lists, the subscriber will pick up on your first email and will get them as long as they stay subscribed. Many email providers provide a simple dashboard to track data from your emails. So, you can stay on course and not lose your subscribers in the storm. You shouldn’t fire and forget the email automation, but monitor it from a distance and make changes to templates and delivery times to have a better success rate.

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